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My baby girl is 8 months olds and she has a a horriable cough and yellow snot, and she has a fever of a 103.8. i give her tylenol and the fever goes away but then comes back. when she coughs she acts like she cant breathe. and the doctors just tell me its a normal cold but i never seen a baby cough like. but i was wondering what i can do to make her feel better faster since i cant give her any cough or cold medicine? i have tried the humidifer already and it doesnt seem to work.

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make sure you're giving her the tylenol every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Put baby vicks on her chest and sit in the bathroom with the hot water running for the moisture. [[Don't put her in the water just sit with her in the bathroom]] It's kinda like the humidifier but it worked better for my kids. Keep taking her in if it doesnt get better cause all that mucus can settle in her lungs and she'll get bronchitus or pneumonia.

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I would take her to a different doctor especially if she is having difficulty breathing. She could have a respiratory infection or RSV. Make sure they listen to her lungs to see if they are clear or not.

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If you have unkers in your area use that, if not, use the vicks and rub it on the bottom of her feet, then cover her feet with heavy socks. I know it sounds strange, but it works. I use it on my kids everytime they cough from a bad cold and they can get at least 6 good solid hrs of sleep before it wears off. I even use it on myself. Also, keep an eye on her if she starts tugging at her ears or scratching around them. A lot of kids get secondary ear infections from colds, because the ears, nose and throat are all connected.

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Go run the bathwater as hot as it goes with the door closed and sit in there with her. You might also try some baby vick's vaporub, my son loves that stuff. If the coughing gets to the point that you're seriously worried, take her to the hospital. Mommy's instincts are pretty good.

good luck, sick babies are no fun and so sad :-(

Amy - posted on 02/04/2010




I've been using the Vicks for babies. It does seem to help with the congestion. My son is 18 mo, so I'm not sure if it's ok for an 8 mo old. Don't use regular Vicks though. I usually alternate Tylenol and Motrin and that seems to help keep mine as comfortable as possible. I know that helpless feeling. It is awful. Also lots of hugs and kisses should help both of you!!! Good luck, I hope she feels better very soon.

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