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What do you moms do for your children when they have a cold and then it turns into allergies? My poor babies poo is black due to the tylenol. I bought a vaporizor last night seemed to help a tad, and he is drinking plenty of fluids. I despise using the nose sucker as well I cannot wait for him to beable to blow lol.


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Adriana - posted on 04/26/2010




My idoctor gave me a list of things to that i found really helped with out using meds. When ever you come inside from playing outside change their clothing and wipe the kids down with a wet towel. Don't run the vaccum cleaner when they are around, and in the car use the airconditioner instead of having windows open, also change bed sheets daily. They also said to wipe down all ceiling fans if you are going to run them. At bedtime we were told to put my son's head up on 2 pillows and use a cool mist humidifier by his bedside. I hope these suggestions help, they helped us.

Kristi - posted on 04/24/2010




Honey!!! My kids were staying with the runny nose, watery eyes and cough. I took them to the doctor and they gave them antibiotics. Worked for a few day then it just came back. My MIL told me to get some of our local honey and start giving them a teaspoon about 2 times a day and they are better. Has to be the honey that is from where you live though. Good luck hope this helps!!

Jessica - posted on 04/24/2010




It really depends on how old your baby is. I would ASK your pediatrician 1st, but if he has on going allergies I would see about giving him something. My daughter came out allergic to the world. (summer baby) I started giving her (10 month old) Zyrtec over a month ago. It actually works. I would talk to your doc 1st tho! Occasionally I give her benadryl (also talk to your doc), but it just makes her agitated. Good Luck!

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