Cole's sleeping habits have changed? He only sleeps for an hour then wakes up screaming at nighttime

Beth - posted on 09/09/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Cole has been on the same routine ever since he was brougt home, we have tweeked it a small bit as he got older, we start at 7ish bath, jammies, we added a snack a few months ago, and a bottle. We give him his bottle in the bedroom, he sits on your lap, drinks it, then he gets put in his crib, we will cuddle with his blanket, or toy and that is all until the next morning. But now, he will wake up around 9 or 930 screaming and screaming, that high pich, that only dogs and mothers can hear!

He settleles down, when you walk into the room, he starts to babble,and talk, but you can't leave, he will start screaming again, he threw up once he was so worked up. I never heard him like that before, it sad to say I don't know what that cry means? I tried his teething tables, gripe water, check his dipar, tryed to shhhh him to settle down, you can't even lay him down in the crib, with out him freaking out. It only had been two days for this, I need to know how to fix this so in the long run he will go to bed, and sleep. my hubsand, he sat by the crib until he settled down tonight, that took about an hour, now he started crying again???? I really don't know what to do for him?


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Beth - posted on 09/10/2009




Cole is 12 months old, and has always sleept throughth the nite since we was 4 or 5 months old? He doesn't watch tv, I don't have one in the upstairs of the house where we spent all of our time, I know that tv can scare them so I try to limit any tv time.
He has a night lite in his room since birth.
I thought it might be pain also, so i have given him gripe water to calm his tummy, but I think he is the right age for seperation axnity, he seems he wants me to hold him all day, and I can't be out of his sight for a minute, so when he goes to bed, he is okay for about an hour, wakes up and relizes that he is alone, and gets scared. I can't leave him for more then an hour before he starts to get up set,if I go anywhere, or even at the gym daycare, they have to page me if I'm not back in about an hour.
Thanks guys for the help, I guess I just need to reasure him I'm still around and that he is not alone, until it passess I guess!

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Is he around television during the day? My baby had nightmares from the last 10 minutes of a show his grandpa was watching so now I make special care to make sure the only tv he sees is super appropriate for children.

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High pitched cries usually mean pain - it would probably be wind. Maybe he's afraid to be alone at night? How old is he? My son is 9 months and still wakes for feeding 2-3 times in the night - I don't think you can expect them to sleep right through too early.

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My son does the same thing sometimes. He wakes up screaming bloody murder, it sounds like he is really scared, sometimes if i go into his room to fast he screams louder. But when i get in there hell somewhat calm down, if i try and lay him back down he freaks and screams his head off. I just recently put a night light close to his bed, bc i think sometimes when he wakes up he gets scared bc he can't see and doesn't know where he is. Other times when he wakes up like that its because his teeth had been hurting him.. he got 2 on top at once, so he was in alot of pain. I was up with him for an hr one night because he just screamed and screamed.. i finally rocked him back to sleep in my bed and made sure he was all the way asleep before i put him back in his bed and he didn't wake back up. if he is getting teeth in put some baby orajel on it and give him the recommened dosage of tylenol, and try and rock him to sleep and put him back and bed and see how he does.. If he isn't teething, he may just be scared of the dark, maybe you could get a little night light or something. Good luck!!

Rebecca - posted on 09/09/2009




Love your bubs name! I had a similar thing occur with my first when he hit 4 weeks. Is it possible little Cole may have tummy ache? Turned out for me that Nathaniel got colic and would be in excruciating pain with wind build up (he'd have that high-pitched cry/scream). I did find some relief with simply changing his bath to be the last in the routine before bed - the warm water would just help loosen up the tummy muscles a little after his last feed.

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