Common Law Seperation?

Ann - posted on 04/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My SO and I have been living together now for almost 4 and a half years, and have 2 daughters (2 & 3 years old) and a soon to be son due in may 2015. I'm also a SAHM. We've been on separate sides of things for a while now. Most of our differences have been based upon him being the only one with an income, and that I do nothing while I'm at home all day with the kids, and contribute nothing to our household and family. It`s a huge smack in the face. He also for some reason doesn`t trust me in the capability to have any responsibility for our home and expenses. My name isn`t on a damn thing in our house. On the deeds, mortgage, bills, etc, yet I still pay half. It's like I don't exist at all.

I am not here to bash my SO as he is a hard worker, has provided what has been needed, and has been a loving father to his kids. I just can't live like this anymore where I am just treated as an option, and feel I should be treated as an equal.

I want to know what I am entitled to legally as a common-law partner? I have spoken to a lawyer but he said I would mostly be entitled to my personal assets (everything with my name on it) no question, if it's under my name, it's mine, and vise versa. Anyone else been through this? I'm still on the fence if I really want to leave, or perhaps him and I can work things out but just want to know what my options could be, and get advice from those who have delt with this type of situation.


Trisha - posted on 04/14/2015




You still pay half? Yet you don't work? The only way to get any of this information for real is to go see a lawyer and ask these questions. My suggestion is counselling. It has done wonders for my relationship.
People give up too easily now-a-days.
Are these things you have actually talked to him about?

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