Sunita_bangera123 - posted on 03/23/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 7yrs old. He gud in his study. But he is gud in other activity like sports, dance, singing bt here nevwr win. So he always upset mama i never win so he didnot concentrate and move on watching TV.

I just want to pay attention.


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Michelle - posted on 03/24/2017




What is he supposed to be "winning" at?
You should be teaching him that it doesn't matter if he doesn't win, all that matters is that he tried his best.
You are setting him up for failures if that's what you are concentrating on.

My daughter was wanting an award at her dance concert last year as she got 2 the year before. She didn't get one but I did. I was so proud of her when she congratulated me and said that she will be trying harder for one next year.

YOU are the one that needs to tell him that not everyone "wins" and his time will come. My daughter is the same age and always says that she tried her best but other's were better on the day.

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