Constipated 8 mo old...dislikes bottles AND sippy!?!

Laurin - posted on 02/11/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My nearly 8 mo old daughter is staying constipated. We've added lots of high fiber fruits & veggies, but I think the problem is lack of enough liquid. She likes to eat baby food but now dislikes bottles. She has to be almost asleep before I can get her to suck on her bottle. She can get water out of a sippy but doesn't want to...will play with it and let water fall in and out of her mouth but won't really drink it. She hates juice...even watered down. She takes approx 20 ounces of formula total daily (sometimes a little less) and is having enough wet diapers, so I don't think she's dehydrated. Her doctor said to add juice to help with the constipation. The only way she'll drink juice is if we mix it directly in with water and formula. Suggestions?


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Niki - posted on 02/12/2014




I have worked in healthfood for a while and have had training in cleansing digestion, constipation. When you feed alot of soluble fibre and your body doesnt have an abundance of water it actually makes you more constipated because soluble fibreabsorbs any fluid it comes in contact with and your colon (large intestines) needs lots of hydration to keep moving . So if your colon is dehydrated from soluble fibre absorbing its moisture you get constipated.You want to focus on things higher in insoluble fibre than soluble or equal parts at least as well as an omega oil which helps lubricate digestive tract. Alot of people use flax oil or chia seed or hemp seed oils. Udos oil is àNice blend . And you should be able to find a list for foodrs with insoluble fibres usually its skins and shells like Apple skin rer pepper skin etc. groundsp flax seeds can be mixed in cereal and have à good amount of insoluble fibre but usually pastas ans cereals incl. Rice are alot of soluble . hope this helps! sorry about my grammar! Also my phone things Im french and i cant convince it otherwise!

Ana - posted on 02/11/2014




Prunes fro babies, I gave my daughter prunes, the little gerber ones are fine. Also activity, letting her crawl freely in the house from room to room gets her exercising and will get her to poop, she wont be able to help it.

Watered down juice, prunes, chicken broth warmed up and fed to her (kinda like soup) You can get the low sodium kind if you want. and heavier foods like cream of wheat and baby oatmeal, or fine grinded oatmeal, with a little butter and sugar...

Should work.

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