Could extreme forgetfulness be related to hormones?

Christine - posted on 04/01/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 4 month old. I am suddenly very forgetful... it's like "baby brain" but much worse. For example, the other night I couldn't figure out why our hot water didn't seem to be working. I waited and waited for the water to turn warm and even asked my husband to check and see if something was wrong. He asked me if I had the correct tap on and I answered that "of course" I did! After waiting some more for hot water, he popped his head in the bathroom and pointed out that I DIDN'T have the correct tap on! How does one forget which tap is hot and which is cold?! There are many other examples, like I said something to my husband but he didn't hear me so he asked me to repeat it. But in that short space of time, I completely forgot what I had said. And then this same thing has happened at least twice more. This also has started to become a problem at work (I only work about 2 weekends a month, so I still consider myself a SAHM). I'm a nurse, so that could be a very dangerous situation if I can't get a handle on this.

My question is, has anybody experienced anything similar? And could this be related to hormones still? I am exclusively breastfeeding and have had 3 children in less than 3 years. I am also having signs that I will be starting my period soon for the first time since having my son. I also started my period at the 4 month mark with my other 2 children, but do not remember forgetfulness as a symptom.

At first, my husband and I were laughing about this but now it is becoming worrisome and I'm not really sure what to do about it. Any advice or input is appreciated!


Erica - posted on 04/02/2012




My son is 9 months and I only have 2 children and I have done almost everything you've stated. I've walked in a room and completely forgot what I went in there for. I changed my son yesterday but completely forgot to put on another diaper. Didn't notice my son was going Comando till I got soaked...

Sticky notes help LOL!


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Danielle - posted on 04/06/2012




I have 6 kids its not hormone its being pulled in 10 directions and doing one thing and having your mind on the next thing you have to do. When your stretched too thin your concentration suffers I had a bad problem with this and I started running into stuff tripping over nothing lol my doc have me adderall for concentration and organization and I havent had a problem since

Christine - posted on 04/03/2012




Chrystal, I have done the same thing with the water lately... repeatedly! Even my 3 year old daughter said to me yesterday, "did you make a mess again, Mommy?" after I overflowed the sink AGAIN! It doesn't feel like typical "baby brain", because I was a little forgetful with my pregnancies, but it was never anything like this. I really am considering going to see a doctor about it because it's getting so concerning.

Erica, Lol... I haven't forgotten to put a diaper on my kids yet, but have done many other embarrassing things :-) And I make myself lists all the time to try to keep from forgetting things!

Thank you guys, for the responses!

Chrystal - posted on 04/02/2012




After I had my second child (less than a year after my first) I started to forget all sorts of things. Once I started filling the sink for dishes turned around and walked out to the back porch didn't remember at all that I was filling the sink came back in to water flowing all over the floor. My forgetting things isn't hormonal or "baby brain" at least not totally with my kids so close my doctor said my vitamin and mineral stores became low (even though I'd been on prenatal vitamins for more than 2 years) and it's affecting memory as well as some other health problems. It may just be normal mom brain for you and you just need extra rest but I'd suggest talking to a doctor and getting full blood work done to see where all your levels are at; 3 kids in 3 years with breastfeeding can put a pretty big strain on a body.

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