could I be pregnant?

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I started a birth control in january that i have never taken before. I had horrible side effects with it. After a month i decided I was going to stop taking it and ask my dr for a different type pill. Thats been 2 weeks ago. I had 2 pills left in the pack so my understanding was I would have my period in 2 days?? Could me stopping effect my period or could I be pregnant.

Please dont judge me or have negative things to say. Im just needing a little help. Possibly stress is keeping it from coming because the thought of another set of twins scares the fire out of me at this point!! I know I should just take a test but with 2 1 year olds lol I really don't want the answer to be yes.


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Breathe and try to stay focused on the outcome you prefer. Then talk to your doctor.

Until you can talk to your doctor, do something else that doesn't give you a lot of time to think! Watch a movie. Read a book. Clean out a drawer. Organize the socks. (You're welcome to come clean at my house.) Laugh! Even if you don't feel like laughing.

Stress WILL keep you from having your period. Are you having any other symptoms?

I have been in this place. My kids are 22 months apart and when I got pregnant with my second, I really was just starting to consider getting pregnant again. Suddenly, I was and while I was happy, it made me cry and feel really tired.

Michelle - posted on 02/28/2013




Whenever you change birth control you should use another form of contraception as well. Your doctor should have explained all that to you.

TBH: We have no idea if you're pregnant, but if you have had unprotected sex then it is a possibility.

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