could I possible be confirmed pregnant..????missed periods

Amber - posted on 09/24/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi to all dear mothers. ..I would like to ask u girls as im stressed so much about this matter plz help out n guide n have anyone face it earlier..I last month had my periods in 14 august 2013..n dis month im already 11 days late I feel since last few days dissy n my stmatch hurt like periods pain..can I possibly be I did blood test result shows a week pregnancy but the doctor said it may be falls as alot woman experience dis situation when missed periods due to depression or other reason..she asked me to come back again after 10 days..I already have 10 month old I deliwverd him throught csection n now many questions bouthering me..if is it ok to be pregnant after 10 months after deliwvery baby wth cs n wil I again hve to go throught cs or I do hve chances of normal birth n is it realy its missed periods or true pregnancy instead of false..I wil appreciate if help me out wth sumone who hve ben throught same situation like me..n im realy pregnant or not...thnku inadvanve greatful...


Ann - posted on 09/25/2013




My first pregnancy i took a drugstore pregnancy test, which came back negative, and a blood test, which my doctor said was negative and that My period was skipped because of stress, anxiety ECT. Then a month later I went back for a blood test as I was really sick and still hadn't got my period, i was 21 weeks pregnant :) my second pregnancy I got pregnant again before I even had my first period after birth. My children are 11 months apart. If you had a C-section before your more than likely going to have this birth C-section as well, unless your doctor approves you for a VBAC then you can try for a natural birth :) Also that it's not always true when you miss a period that you are Truly pregnant. Lots of things affect having your period, for how long you have it, and if you actually get your period that month at all. I've had my period skip 2 months then get it on the third month due to hormonal imbalances and lots of stress and anxiety issues. I wish you the best and hope this info was helpful :)


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