could it be that I'm just getting sick?

Mandy - posted on 05/24/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




So the last few Weeks I've been tired but have been able to ignore it. But when I wake up in the morning I can bearly wake up takes me bout an hour to fully wake up. The past two days I've been nauseous. I'm 6.5 months post partum and I have an iud in. my body is totally off right now. I know I should take a test but since I have an iud my husband says I'm getting sick. I also know that for the first yr after a baby your body is outta whack. What should I do? Idk who to ask in my family bc they don't see me able to be pregnant bc of my iud. I'm stuck :/


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Lisa - posted on 05/26/2012




I would take a home test. I have an IUD and have at times felt like you, though I was never pregnant. IUDs are not fool proof and pregnancies with them in are dangerous and typically end in miscarriage. Take a test and talk to your OB/Gyn. Hope you feel better.

Louise - posted on 05/25/2012




IUD's can slip if you are worried then go and see a doctor. This could be many things so if you really think it is just a cold then stick it out. If you suspect you are pregnant then go and get checked out.

Michelle - posted on 05/24/2012




It would be best to see your doctor. If you're not pregnant there may be some other underlying problem. Get bloodwork done to check your iron levels and your Thyroid activity.

You could be pregnant (it has happened) but the best person to help is your doctor.

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