Could this be labor?

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I am 34 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I've never gone into labor without being induced first and i've heard its different then going into labor naturally. Last night i was very uncomfortable all night, was having strong braxton hicks every 5 mins, but only would last an hour. Then i would have a bit of a break for an hour or so, and then they were back to every 5-10 mins. I've had very bad back pain, cramping, feeling nauseous. I had gone into hospital a few days ago and they had checked me. The dr. told me i was thinning, very soft cervix and a little more then a cm dilated. They have me on bed rest until i deliver hoping it will prolong preterm labor. Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and it just being false labor? I have tried different positions which seemed to take the BH away for a bit, but then would come back. I am still having them this morning, but again not getting any worse.
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Sort of.. sounds like the beginning stages...

For me, I went into labor with #2 baby at 37.5 weeks. She just busted out. But my symptoms 2 weeks before sound just like yours. The night my water broke I felt like I had small cramps.. felt a little weak and then felt like I was peeing but I wasn't pushing anything out, just standing there..when I went to the bathroom and wiped, I saw pink spotting and I put 2 and 2 together and my water broke and I had started my labor...
Guess all that Braxton hicks action helped to thin my cervix over the course of 2 weeks. Bed rest may help. I just wanted to get past 37 weeks and she stayed in there 37.5 so I was good. She was still little though..6.3lbs and then dropped to 5.9 the next day.. just a little bean.. and she would not eat, she was in premie diapers for a month or so..I was scared for her.She was dark red and had purple lips and feet, but she is all good now..she was healthy despite her looks! And she is frisky and naughty now that she is 8months old!

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