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Does anyone watch extreme couponing on TLC? Has anyone tried to do extreme couponing? I wish I really understood how it worked! I would love to do and being a SAHM I would love love love to get free food!!


Jaclyn - posted on 09/21/2011




I don't do extreme couponing either, but for how it works, it's hard for about the first 4-6 months bc u don't have all the supplies u need. First- get urself a binder, probably one inch would b good bc u r just starting, then what has worked best for me. Is the tab dividers. Think of how u want to divide up ur shopping... And get the baseball card holders clear sheets, 9 per page or business card holders...

I have freezer,

Fridge-dairy, kids snacks( danimal smoothies/ yogurt/ chez sticks/ etc.) meats, condiments( dressings too),

then pantry, canned goods, crackers/bread, cereal, kids snacks,

paper goods( paper towels/ toilet paper/ tissue/ etc)

then cleaning supplies( bathroom/ kitchen/ and laundry ( sometimes even car) )

then I have a tab for eating out...

Second, how it works is they say to get Sunday paper with coupon and one for every member of my family, I don't I just get two.

Then what u do is go online to where u shop and print their coupons and the brands u want, go to their website and print those coupons as well.

Finally, always look at the stores u shop at and when something is on sale that u want, u can use one store coupon and one manufactures coupon. For store brand u won't find manufactures coupon only store coupon. So sometimes the actual name brand is cheaper. Good luck and hope u followed and understood.


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Jaclyn - posted on 09/22/2011




Well janice-u set it up when u r checking out so u have three different transactions if u have three coupons for the same item, but our grocery store allows us to just put them in one transaction. And it's all about timing, hold on to coupons until there is a sale- i.e. If it's $1 off three boxes of tissue, wait until the store has buy two get one free. The show about extreme couponing is literally extreme I think is u use a coupon for 75%of ur shopping it's great... Every dollar counts.

Janice - posted on 09/22/2011




I don't know where most of these couponers are from but where I live extreme couponing is not possible. No doubling coupons and the coupons in the flyers are like 1$ off three 2 dollar items. Also it doesn't matter if you have cut 3 of the same coupon because you can only use one coupon at a time. I have stopped trying.
One thing I do is make sure and complain to the company if I buy something sub-par. I quick e-mail about a product will get you 2-3 really good coupons. Of course this doesn't happen all too often.

Tracie - posted on 09/21/2011




If you notice on the TV show they are not buying carts full of food. They're buying 87 sticks of deodorant, 94 bottles of shampoo, and 53 jars of tomato sauce. Can't make a meal out of that!

There is a more realistic way to use coupons. I highly recommend the site They track sales & coupons at your local store anywhere in the US. You cut out the coupons from your Sunday paper then check the website. They will have a list of what's on sale and what things will cost with which coupons. There's always stuff that's free so even if you don't need it, you can stock up for when you do. Why not - it's free! I haven't paid more than 25 cents for a tube of toothpaste in years. You can make your shopping list right there on the site and print it out. So easy! The membership is $10/month, but I routinely save $50-$100/week using this site, so it's well worth it.

Good luck!

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i read this one site about a lady on extreme couponing, she got all her free stuff by using her coupons on the wrong item. she would just match the last few numbers on the bar code. i think its wrong and gives the wrong idea about the show. also for the show stores allow them to double and stack regardless of their stores policy. :(

Charity - posted on 09/21/2011




I have watched extreme couponing & I use coupons but I don't consider myself an extreme couponer. You have to check the stores policy as it varies from store to store. Target for example allows store coupons & manufacturers coupons to be used together in the same transaction. You can print coupons for Target off there website, If you drink coca cola, sign up for coke rewards. They offer coupons for free crackers (Ritz, Triscuits), free coca-cola 12 pk, etc for points. Some sites to find coupons are & Like Tamara said, sign-up for newsletters for products you use. They send coupons from time to time & if they don't send them a request for coupons. I also agree with Karen, you have to be patient & wait for a sale to get the best deals. It's worth it in the end though when you realize just how much you can save!

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Oh One way to get coupons for things that you use is to visit the product site and sign up for their news letter if they don't have one write to them and ask if they they do and/or ask for coupons often times they do send them but don't advertise it.

Tamara - posted on 09/20/2011




I use coupons stores around here don't double they do stack if its a store and a manufacture coupon. I wouldnt say I am an extreme couponer, I refuse to clear shelves that is not good couponing I also don't really stockpile. I save on average half of my total. It has actually helped a ton since I have started having to eat more healtier, and eating higher fiber like the fiber one bars and oat bran and stuff like that. :)

Karen - posted on 09/20/2011




i don't do "extreme" couponing, but i do coupon alot! i live in canada so i can't get as good of deals as the ladies on that show do (our stores don't double coupons or let you stack them). however, since may when i really started to get serious about it, i've saved my family just about $600. i've been able to take my grocery bill from about $130/week to about $70. i make my grocery list around sales and coupons (the key is to be patient and only use your coupons when the item is on sale). this week i was able to get 3 packs of pampers (the 27 count) for $12. that size pack is regular $13.99 each! there's alot of great and helpful coupon sites to get you started (both through facebook and online if you google). not sure where you live, but if you're canadian, i recommend you check out

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