Cow's milk for Sensitive tummy?

Katy - posted on 03/03/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a huge problem. My son loves his formula. I know that he would love cow's milk. I'm just not sure how it will affect his sensitive tummy. Ever since I took him off of breastmilk at 2 mos and put him on formula, We've had a pretty bad problem with constipation. We seem to be able to keep it under control with lots of water, which is fine. The only formula that works for him is the Similac Sensitive, which is lactose free but milk based. The milk based with lactose in it and soy both make him constipated. I'm not sure that cow's milk won't do the same. I can't put him through another really bad spell, but WIC is pressuring me to give him cows milk. Help plz!!


Jennifer - posted on 03/03/2010




Talk to your doctor and see what he says. If he thinks there is a problem then he can fill out a prescription for wic and get him something different. Have you thought about trying goats milk, rice milk, or almond milk? Wic will only cover cow's milk, goats milk (with prescrip.), and soy milk (with prescrip.). My daughter has had a cow milk protein allergy since birth so I had to watch what I ate during nursing and now she is able to have soy milk and some cheese. It's a hard issue to deal with but it does get better.

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