crafty ideas to do with my kids?

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hey everyone. I am 23, and a stay at home mom of 3 kids. i have a 3 yr old, & 2yr old girls and then a 6 month old son. My hubby works nights so he sleep during the day. i try to keep the kids quiet (2 bedroom small apt) but it doesnt always work (still kinda cold to go walk to the park). I was wondering if there were any crafts that i could do with them. They do color on their own, although if im not busy i will definitely do it with them. I would love to do crafts with them, the only thing is my oldest wants to do it ALL day so how can i tell her look we did some thats it for today???

I would be doing crafts everyday if she didnt get pissed that i stopped.......if anyone has any idea of crafts & how to tell them when its time to stop that would be great!!!

I am looking foward to going to Michaels to get the supplies (my new favorite store lol). I am a sucker to buy stickers and anything crafty.....i just dont know what to do with it lol


Brittney - posted on 04/02/2012




The way I would approach the situation is start the craft before you are planning on doing something, like cook and eat, or bath or nap time, or find another activity to do with them after crafts like read a book. And help them understand that there is other things to do besides crafts.. Children can be tough with they want what they want!! So just plan it to do the crafts before an activity so their minds are on something else once the craft is done!!!


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Yea I try to have a schedule and it works out well.....lunch is alway at 12.....but I will definitely find a's a lil hard tho cuz the 6 month old has his own schedule so I work around his.....he doesn't sleep much at night and he can only handle like 2-3 oz at a time....

I do tell her that if she doesn't clean up she doesn't get it again but then she sits there bugging me...o well I will have to stick to it lol

Thank you

Sarah - posted on 04/02/2012




It's all about routine--- if she gets used to the "schedule" than she will know that there is a time for everything... not saying a rigid hour by hour thing, but my little one (2.5) knows our routine, and that makes it easier for her to transition b/w activities. Also, one thing that works for her (may require some abstract thinking that is a little more difficult for the littler ones) is to let her know that if she starts throwing a fit at the end of whatever, the item in question goes away for a designated time... eg. : "if you can't help mommy clean up the playdough without throwing a fit, playdough can't come out tomorrow" another kinda fun inside thing-- get little plastic animal figures and set up a "zoo wash" with bowls of soapy, then clean water and some little sponges or toothbrushes... Easy to set up and clean (little wet), and reusable so you don't have to buy new supplies all the time...

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Thank you guys.....that's a good idea @brittney. I took a trip to Michaels and got some stuff so crafting will start maybe 2morro

Gabrielle - posted on 04/02/2012




I get stuff at walmart cuz they have a bunch of craft stuff. you can make jewelry or key chains and there are painting projects and everything you could think of. My 3 year old loves to do them and they are really good for when his friend comes over so they aren't watching tv all the time.

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Those are great ideas, I will have to find those things at Michaels how do You tell her it's time to stop?

Erica - posted on 04/02/2012




My 3 year old and I just found some foam flowers and stickers. We decorated them with glue glitter and stickers. Then punched a whole in them and used them to decorate our window for Easter! They have butterflies and all other shapes. Glitter makes a huge mess but it's fun!

We also use washable paint and do drawing for the neighbors LOL I'm sure it hits the circular file after a while but they love it. Have you checked out They have a section on kids with lots of Ideas. I once took different fruits and veggies that were starting to go bad and let her use them as stamps (apple, potatoe, carrots...) Then we talked about the different textures.

you can use colored Macarioni (spelling?) noodles to make smiley faces, Brown paper bags to make pupptes and put on a puppet show, we also "dig for treasure" in a sand bucket full of rice. I put little candies and pennies. again messy but fun! We also cut out easter eggs from colored paper then cut out all different shapes and pulled out stickers and had her decorate an egg to hang on her bedroom door.

Just a few things we do!

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