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Mary - posted on 02/13/2010




My daughter is 8 1/2 months old and she military crawls all over the floor... Shes lazy though cuz she knows if she dosnt want to do it and screams enough someone will pick her up! LOL. She'll walk if you hold onto her and she's starting to pull herself up onto things.

Liz - posted on 02/13/2010




my daughter started around 9months. how old is your baby? ive seen a 5 month old crawling but ive also seen a baby who was 12 months that didnt crawl. they all do things sooo differently....i wouldnt worry about it.

Paula - posted on 02/13/2010




My second didn't crawl at all - she bottom shuffled - which also meant that, as she had no motivation to free up her hands, she didn't walk til 16 months. She's now 8 and you would never know ....

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My oldest son didnt start crawling until he was one i didnt really see the point becase he'd started walking a few weeks before lol. My other two started crawling at about 7 months.

Renae - posted on 02/13/2010




The normal range for starting to crawl is 6 to 10 months. However up to 12 months is not unheard of.

Theresa - posted on 02/10/2010




It varies a lot. My oldest didn't crawl until he was 10 1/2 months. He was just content to sit and play. My youngest is a goer and has been from day one. By 4 months she was rolling everywhere. By 6 months she was crawling, and by 11 months walking.

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It varies between 6-9 months. My son never crawled though. He rocked back and forth on his hands and knees, scooted, and rolled, but decided at 9 1/2 months that he rather walk.

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It varies - anywhere from 4 and a half to 9 or 10 months - usually. Not all babies crawl either. Some bum shuffle, and some go straight to walking!

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It's different for every baby.

My daughter started at a pretty average age, around 6 to 7 months. My son was very lazy with his gross motor skills and didn't start crawling till he was more like 10 months.

There's really no time when 'most' babies start to crawl/walk etc. They are all different. Some babies seem like they take forever to start crawling, and then skip it all together and go straight to walking.

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