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My son keeps trying to crawl, we have blankets on the floor for him.but he keeps slipping. Is there anything else I can do??


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Iris - posted on 01/15/2010




Blankets make him slip.. Let him try to crawl on the floor without blankets. Adventually he will get the hang of it.. It took my son a little while to learn how to crawl.But he got the hang of it eventually..

Colleen - posted on 01/14/2010




I agree with the comments below. The blanket could actually be working against his crawling same with putting things on the legs or feet. However, I did read somewhere that a small blanket or towel rolled under the tummy or armpits could help too. The baby needs to learn to be pushed up and then will work his/her legs by pushing. The rolled up item will move with the baby. The exercises are a good idea, I am going to try Jamie's suggestions. I have also heard of Mom's using toys infront of the baby to create an incentive to crawl. Basically, the more tummy time and encouragement, eventually baby will crawl. All in good time...we have to be patient. Something I am learning.

Jamie - posted on 01/14/2010




Honestly, I found it helps if their not wearing pants or sock. They use their toes to help balance them. However, by not wearing pant he may get irritated knees. I believe though, some baby stores have harnesses to help babies crawl. But you could always use a blanket. Just put it under his belly and hold him up. That way he won't fall and might get the hang of it sooner. I did that with my son. Leg and arm exorcises help too. Just lay him on his back, and push his legs into his belly. Then let him push back. For his arms, sit him on your lap facing you. Then hold his hands and push him back till his head is almost touching your knees. This will make him want to pull him self up. Then when he does, do it again! Hope this helps. :)

Christina - posted on 01/14/2010




My daughter always did better crawling when I didn't have anything on her legs. It didn't hurt her legs and she had a better grip on the floor. Also, you might want to get rid of the blankets, they could be causing some of the slipping.

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