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Kay - posted on 05/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi i have a one year old son who just wont go to sleep when he is tired ,he just screams the place down and i dont know how to cope.Idont have anyone to talk to all day and i feel so lonely. all of my friends have child care and go out to work,i cant afford child care therefore cannot go out to work. Every day is the same i never get a break i feel like im going insane .I have a partner who works all day and so he never wants to go anywhere or give me any help, Ithink that i would be better off on welfare and a single parent then at least i could get a job and get free childcare .There just doesnt seem to be any other solution other than this !


Natalie - posted on 05/03/2013




hi I feel you, my daughter is 22months now but she used to have realllyyy bad colic and I felt like I was going insane. What time you put him down for naps/nap ect? Try pushing the nap forward 1 hour, I found it really helps, also if he has 2 naps cut it down to one nap. They only need 13-14hs sleep in 24hrs, if you try to make them nap it frustrates the both of you. Also when you do put him down make a routine, like reading a book and explain its time to rest or sleep ect Another tactic is to cry it out, trust me I felt bad at first but they sometimes need their sleep. Start with saying goodnights or its naptime routin then, leave and let him cry it out for 5 mins. Come back in room and comfort him but don't pick him up. Then leave room again and let him cry for 10mins, then go back in and comfort him, then leave and do it for 15 mins. By 3rd time he should be asleep. When they get to age of 9 months they start clingy stage, this doesn't stop until about age of 3/4. If tat doesn't work just do quiet time for 1 hour like playing with toys or reading a book and no tv or loud exciting noises, he might only want to nap on off days.

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