Daddy is the favorite?!?!

Leah - posted on 08/24/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




For the last 3 nights my daughter has told me daddy is her favorite. The weird thing is I have never asked her a question like that. For one, I think its a ridiculous question! Anyway, I cannot understand why she is so adamant about this at night when I'M putting her to bed and I'M reading her the story. I'm the one that does everything! Don't get me wrong, her daddy is a wonderful man and a great daddy. I just don't understand where this came from. She even tells daddy she loves him back when he says he loves her. I tell her that all the time and never get anything back. He also gets all the kisses and hugs. I have to fight for a kiss, and then it's just wiped away. She thinks it's very funny. Anyone have any ideas on whats going on in her little head??


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Carol - posted on 08/26/2011




I hear you. I still vividly remember my son, then just over 1 year, getting me up at about 4am one Mother's Day morning. He was in an awful mood. I sat with him, read to him, played with him all while his dad snored in the room next door. We were leaving for church and my husband was staying home. My son turned to him - on Mother's Day - and said his first "I love you" and kissed him goodbye. Nothing for me. A few days later he said it to an elderly lady we went out to eat and shop with once a week with. Still nothing for me. Then I took him by the shoulders and asked what about me? He laughed and said it a few times. He has come around now and I'm the favorite. It will switch back.

His little brother will try to play us off one another. My husband is by far his favorite, but when he gets in trouble from him, my son will tell him that I'm the favorite now and he was just saying that he was the favorite to be nice. Thankfully, we don't care. We try to treat them both the same and love them unconditionally. When they have kids they'll realize how much you both did for them. Don't hold your breath until then.

Michelle - posted on 08/25/2011




Just a phase. My son is all about daddy and my middle daughter is all about mommy. Try not to take it personally and know that you are loved. It will pass (and flip flop back and forth).

Tara - posted on 08/25/2011




Both my daughters have gone through phases like this where Daddy is their favorite - just because, absolutely no reason for it - then it's back to Mama being the favorite.

My mom said that all 3 of us did the same thing off and on right up until we hit our teens :)

Alison - posted on 08/24/2011




kids often pick a favorite for a while--sometimes it's the one who is around them the most and sometimes its the one who is more of a novelty. It's very normal and, like Amber said, you'll be her favorite before you know it. :O)

Amber - posted on 08/24/2011




I know what you are going through. I have a 20 month old daughter named Luna. Her dad works 3rd shift and sleeps most of the day. I've been there every second of her life because I'm a stay at home mom. Dad is her favorite too, mainly because he rough plays with her and I don't, I just teach her everything, cook for her, clean up after her and everything else. When he leaves to go to work, she tells him bye and gives him hugs and kisses, where as I don't. But it is probably just a faze. Most kids go through them. When my daughter was one, she didn't want to be close to her daddy unless she was sick or tired, and now she would rather play with him than be with me. The older your daughter gets the more she'll change; one day she loves daddy more and the next she loves you. For a couple of months my daughter loved her grandmother/ my mom, more than me or her dad. When she would see her grandma she wouldn't come to me or her dad for nothing. So most likely your daughter is just going through one of their many stages. Just give her some time and you'll be her favorite before one know it.

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