daddy let mommy have a vaca for a few hours and....

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ok so normally my fiance' is complaining that he'd rather stay home with the baby and do my job, well since i cant get just a one day job i went to a yoga class with my sister and worked out at the gym, then off to some brunch and from there home. i was gone for 4 and a half hours. well my fiance' came up to me and told me i needed a break and to go and enjoy myself with my sister at a yoga class, so i did, and when i came home the house was an utter mess my kitchen smelled like something was burning (turned out to be a tv dinner he forgot about) and my son screaming his head off, well lets just say my son stopped crying as soon as he saw me, i cleaned the house in less than 10 minutes, and caught the tv dinner before it caught fire. My fiance' looked at me and asked "how do you do it?"

so i want to know is if any other mommies have any funny stories to share


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My moms best friends husband was dieing so I hurried up and yelled on my way out the door I'd be back in an hour. Less then 30 mins later he called and asked when I was coming home but the baby was crying so loud I couldn't hear him. He brought the baby over to where I was and I found out the story. My 2 yr old spilt baby powder on our bed soap on the floor in the back room, he fell into the tub from the soap she put on the bathroom floor, the baby refused to eat or drink her bottle and he dropped the remote and stepped on it and broke it. I laughed forever and now he helps out more.

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My husband is a border patrol agent and works long hard hours. He is very involved father and a loving husband. But every now and then he would make a comment about how could a possible be tired when I have stayed home all day or why the laundry didn't get done today, etc. Then one day my mom got ill and I had to leave town for three days to be with her, and he had to stay home with the kids. By day two he was begging me to come home. When I finally did, the house was a mess, the laundry was piled three feet high, and there were dishes in the sink that were there when I left. .... I haven't heard a bad or sarcastic comment out of him since.

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Yeah so my husband is a nurse in a prison and he actually said he doesn't have the patience to stay home all day with our daughter. LOL...prisoners are easier than a 20 month old? He is a wonderful Daddy, but he would go crazy being home all day!

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