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I am a stay home mom with two boys 2 yr. old and 6 wks old.. I like to be organized and have a daily routine, meal planning set up someday. I'm lost. I don't know where to start. I'm starting on planning for my 2 yr old to go in daycare for an day one a week and take him to kids support group once or twice a week. I feel like I should be alot more advance and be on top of meal planning (and know what to buy for groceries) and having an daily routine set up and have the house clean every night before I go to bed. But quite frankly, I hate cleaning at nights, when usually I like to go to bed as soon as my kids are in bed. Is it normal not to be always to be clean and have a routine and daily planner? Any tips or advice that can help me understand that I'm not the only mother who feels like she has be on top of everything everyday?


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Jennifer - posted on 03/22/2012




UH, yeah. LOL At one time I had 6 kids here 4 all day long from newborn up to 12 yrs. OK, but you just have the two and the best thing I can tell you is to get the 2yr old involved. 2yr olds can fold washcloths, push the clothes into the dryer while you take them out of the washer, put their own clothes up, if you tuck the blanket and sheet in on one side they can even make their own bed. Now granted all the towels may not be perfect and the bed may still be a little rumpled BUT you have given the child responsibility, helped them to be proud of themselves and given yourself a chance to praise your child for good work. Nap time is a great time to clean.

As far as food goes there are some printables that are free so that you can plan everything even snacks. I use them because I am old with 3 kids and they drove me crazy(kidding). Also you can go to a couponing site that will help you get stocked up so that you will always have food in the house and the meal is not a last minute "oops I do not have this part" and have to think about something else. I generally work from what I have. My 13yr old cooks dinner sometimes and she said the hardest part was thinking of what to cook.

Teach your 2 year old to clean what they can. That means even rinsing dishes , if you do them by hand as we do, while you wash, setting the table, getting condiments out, what ever you can think of. They can do a lot more than what you think and they like to help at that age.

Most of all do not shoot for perfection. I poked my oldest in the eye with a longish nail once when he was trying to help and that is when I gave up perfect. You can hurt them more than just physically(by accident of course) by not allowing them to help.

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Yes,you are doing just wright! you need to get enough sleep .i am mother of three kids 2boys 1girl .it is good idea to do your daily routine while they are playing or doing something.

but just give them some time to be around them. do not forget them.keep an eye.

and it is a good idea to take them to daycare or with other kids.they can learn from others .


Sal - posted on 03/21/2012




ohhh and go to bed at night, you can clean anytime, but you need sleep..get it when you can

Sal - posted on 03/21/2012




is it normal with a 6week old and a 2year old to not have a perfectly clean house with routines in place.....well yeah, it is,your life has just been thrown into chaos (lovely baby fuled chaos but chaos all the same)

but i know how you feel just seeing the mess and not having dinners orgaised makes life seem difficult, my suggestion is have your tasks priorotised, what are the daily musts....for me it is dishes, washing, bath myself and kids and vaccuming if i know those 4 things are done i can face anything....secondly getting some great dinners that you can have as pantry dishes to pull out when getting to the store seems impossible, for me i have a couple of crock pot packet meals that can have everything in the freezer or pantry, i even freeze all the vegies for a casserole in one meal portions so i can just grab one, the meat, a tin of tomatos and a casserole base, put in the crock pot and forget until dinner....no need to go to the store....and lastly be kind to your self, you have only had 6 weeks to ajust, it will get better

Liz - posted on 03/20/2012




I walked through my entire house one day and wrote down EVERYTHING that needs to be done in each room. I then went through my list and wrote next to each item how often those things needed to be done. I made up a calendar on my computer of 4 weeks and assigned each task to a day. I make sure not to overload myself, to allow for changes, appointments, and other circumstances that come up. I keep as many chores the same every week as I can (for example, I always buy groceries on Tuesdays, I always do the same loads of laundry on the same day). I also keep my Saturdays open and don't do ANY chores except dishes and bathing the kids. This allows for big family projects to be done, or other family activities to happen. I also don't do anything on Sundays, since we have church. I post my calendar on the fridge and keep a magnet on the first day of the week that I'm currently following (if that makes sense).

It is very tough whenever a new baby is born, but it IS possible to have a clean house and not drive yourself crazy with cleaning, or make yourself feel guilty for cleaning instead of spending time with your kids. I have 4 kids, none of which are in school yet, and I find that if I stick to the routine my house stays in decent shape. Good luck, you can do it!

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I've got a 20 month old and 9 month old. When I just had my son I had found my flow and the house was clean and everything ran smooth but I can tell you when my daughter arrived my house was not perfect it looked like a bomb went off some days. It's a whole new thing when the second arrives especially when your oldest is still very young. You are just starting to get the hang of having 2 kids and your just getting over healing so cut yourself some slack if it's not smooth sailing right now. I set up a routine for cleaning and activities. I have a meal plan I do a monthly plan because after the up front 3 hours it now takes me a few minutes to scan the cupboards before a shopping trip. I do try to make sure things are in order before bed BUT I have learned that sometimes I just don't have the energy some nights all I feel like doing is putting the dishes in the sink and toss the toys in the corner and that is ok the world will not end if I save work for tomorrow. My best advise have your plan but also accept your back up plan as just as good.

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Routine is great, however in my opinion, locking yourself into a strict routine that does not allow for mishaps, changes, and right down "I'm tired and I just need to rest" is not going to work. Having kids will teach you to be alot more spontaneous because you never know when a kid will need your attention and everything you had planned goes out the window.

My suggestion is this: Have a plan but make it a loose one. Write a priority list of daily things that you really need to get done and focus on that. Leave the little things. Your home pre-children will probably not look the same anymore. So your mental imagine of what your home looks like (level of organization, tidiness, etc) may need to change. While I'm by no means saying that you should clean your home, what I am saying is that if before you had time to scrub your walls on a regular bases, you might find that now you dont and other things are going to become more important.

So go easy on yourself. Do what you can. Don't be afraid to ask for help. And sleep when you can.

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