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Due to changes in our circumstances my 4 year old will be spending her days with me and our 4 month old baby instead of going to daycare. I need a good daily schedule that includes playtime, quiet time, arts and crafts, as well as time for me to cook and do housework and have just a bit of ME time. Any suggestions?

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It totally depends on your family. Here's an example of one regular day for me-
6am shower (if I'm lucky)
6-6:30 kids start waking up, teenager and hubby eat breakfast, off to school/work
7am myself and 3 other kids eat and finish getting ready for school, make beds...
8am niece shows up (I babysit her) and then off to bus stop for 8 yr old
8:20 down to the basement for play, (ages 4, 17 mo, 17mo) they play amongst themselves a bit and some with me, I sneek in chores during this time and if I'm lucky a chapter of my book
10:30am upstairs to make lunch, I have small toy basket to entertain them
11:00am start eating lunch
12:00pm 1 year olds down to nap and 4 yr old gets to watch a movie, this is my time to either do chores, get a head start on making dinner or have a cup of coffee and relax
After the movie this is a good time to play a board game or play doh or something so 4 yr old gets one on one time with you
3pm kids wake up, snack time begins
3:40 off to pick up 8 yr old from bus stop then finish getting dinner ready while kids have free play
4pm-5pm play outside (switches to morning when it gets hot out)
5:00 off to pick up teen from sports
5:45 niece leaves, dinner time
after dinner their is showers, playtime with dad while I clean up kitchen...
7:30 vitamins, meds, snack, brush teeth
8-8:30 Good riddance- I mean good night :)
Deep Breath and now it's me time. Woo Hoo (or hubby and me time)

Your baby is still young, but you'll get in a groove soon. Of course, be prepared for nothing to ever go as planned, you have kids :)

User - posted on 02/23/2010




When I had both my newborn and one yr old...we all took naps together. If you have a backyard then take her outback too play but it depends on the weather. It will be hard at first too establish a schedule but you just have to keep trying too see what works for you. You can take your u time when hubby gets home...even if its only fifteen minutes and that will give them time to bond and u time too reenergize. Just try not too overwhelm yourself. It also depends if you are breastfeeding cause they become very attached and that makes it harder too establish a schedule. Give your 4yr old something too do but you do not have too really moniter her too much with.

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