Daughter won't keep her clothes on!

Nikki - posted on 03/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 28 months old. She will not keep any clothes on! She's constantly changing her clothes. Sometimes it's dress up clothes, but more often than not, it's just regular clothes. If I don't let her change, she throws herself on the floor and screams. I don't give in to the fits. If I say no, I stick to it. But, I don't know how much to let her do it and how much not too! I dont' know how hard to be on her about it. It's 9 degrees out side and she's running around in a onesie and that's it! I had a sweater and pants on her, but as soon as we got home from dropping her brother off from school, she tore them all off! I already have laundry coming out of my ears and she's making it worse! I want to handle this before the new baby comes in May! Any advice for dealing with a 2 year old clothing diva? TIA!


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Theresa - posted on 03/14/2009




I understand your pain. You are NOT alone.  My daughter is almost 8 and has just realized what modesty is.  Up til the last year we would have to remind her she could not walk around the house in just her undies.  Til this day I still can't keep a pair of socks on her.

When she was in preschool, her teacher told me not to sweat the small stuff .  When my daughter  would put on whatever she could find whether it matched or not the teacher whould just  congratulate her for dressing herself.

One thing that helped the constaint changes in our house was to have her help with the laundry.  She thought it was a game until she got board with it.

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My kids changed a lot also, but always to put a new outfit on, not to be naked or in a onesie. Although it's OK to do that sometimes, on the days you don't want to be picking up heaps of clothes, or it's particularly chilly, there's a garment called the LITTLE KEEPER SLEEPER.  It's a specialty sleeper (but can certainly be worn anytime) that kids cannot take off.  I had a friend whose little boy always stripped down - and they didn't really care for that, especially when his 8 year old sister's friends were over!  They put him in this as his "outfit" and didn't ever have to worry about him being naked in front of others.  Check it out at www.littlekeepersleeper.com - i

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The thing is some children are very sensory type children, they don't like things touching their skin or rubbing it. And at the same time she is that age in toddlerhood where things have to be her idea for to want to cooperate.

If your house is warm then she'll be fine and instead of fighting with her let her chose what to wear and how. Give her guidelines to follow like she can not undress in public but she can pick out what to wear or help to.

Also if it's not dirty don't wash it! Have her put her clothing in clean pile when she's taking it off, she old enough to sort and be responsible for actions. And when it's time to put cloths on again she may want to wear the same ones!

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Hi there, your kids are adorable! My daughter is 4 and does the same thing. I am wearing a sweatshirt and freezing and she is running around in only a t shirt. I will follow check her legs and arms through the day and she is warm. She does at least 3 changes too including the costumes. I figure she is always moving so she does get hot. What I had to finally do was hide her summer clothes and just leave out a couple of short sleeve shirts. When I have noticed she changes her clothes I and if they haven't been worn long I "recycle" them for the next day. Or I give her a choice of only 2 changes a day. Good Luck and enjoy Michelle

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