Daughter wont nap and wakes up brother!!!

Crystal - posted on 11/04/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1yr old son, my daughter wont take naps anymore but she will crash arould 7 and wake up anout 2 wanting to play.. I have tried laying down with her but she wont stay. Most of the time she will end up wakeing up he brother before he get all of his napping done with and he is so tired and fussy by time bed time comes. I cant shut the door to keep my daughter from going it there because my son will cry he is afraid of having the door shut. I dont know what else to do..


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Darci - posted on 11/06/2009




My daughter (now 3-years old) didn't want to take naps for a while, but she started to take naps again after her little sister (now 6 months old) was born & her brother started napping in his bed (rather than the portable crib because he learned to climb out of it). She shares a room with her little brother (2-years old) even during naptime.

The following is our naptime routine. Baby to sleep in her crib (in our room). Oldest daughter sits on the couch in the living room (reading or playing her Leapster) while I get the boy to sleep in his bed. After he is sleeping, I walk her to their room. I remind her of the three rules: 1) be quiet; 2) keep your head on your pillow; 3) stay under your covers (she also says them to me). Which just happens to be the recipe for getting her to take a nap... at least six out of seven days. She does not like the door shut, so if she doesn't follow the rules, I shut the door. All of my children are pretty sound sleepers, so little noise won't wake them either. It's been a true blessing to have all three kids sleeping at the same time in the afternoon... a little time for ME!

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Not sure if this will help or not, but what I started doing when my kids were starting to give up their afternoon naps was to do quite time. They could pick a movie and lay on the couch with a blanket. They could not talk or move around or the movie went off and they would have to lay and close their eyes. I found that if they were really tired making them lay still and quite they would fall asleep, but if they were not they would have some down time (as well as I would). My kids are now 11 yrs and 8 yrs. In the summers we still have the down time. They must read during that time.

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What you may want to try is to include her in the solution. Let her know that you're worried about her brother not getting enough sleep, and ask if she has any suggestions of things the two of you could do together that would be quiet, so he doesn't wake up. She's little, so you'll probably need to work with her on coming up with ideas, but working in child care taught me that kids are much more invested in something if they play a part in helping with the solution. :)

Also, get her outside and run her around before he naps. I know if I get my son out for an hour a day to the park, he sleeps much, much better for naps and at night. Maybe it will help keep her calm while he naps...

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Quoting Jane:

and if she's just being plain disruptive, then give her some timeouts and take something away until she is behaving better. she can't run the household, you do.


Naptimes and taking away toys often do not work when it comes to permanent behavior modifications I have noticed. If it is obedience you are going for, for your daughter (and all 3 children for that matter) to listen, obey, and not question your authority, then go with spankings. But do not spank with your hands, because hands are for comforting. Use a "rod", like a wood spoon, willow switch, etc... Just swat them hard enough for a sting (my husband and I practice on our own arms all the time so that we never spank our daughter too hard) about 10-20 times each time they need it.


Also, this book has really helped me out:


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My daughter stopped taking daily naps around the time she turned 3. What I have noticed is that if she has a very physically active morning (playing at the park, running around outside, etc.), then she will nap. What I have implemented with her, since she rarely naps, is "quiet time". It works really well! Because she has that daily down/relax time still, she is much less grumpy in the evenings and stays awake until bedtime.

So, I suggest either wearing her out good in the early day, before naptime, or just doing quiet time with her. If this doesn't/will not work, PM me, and I will try to help some more!

Hope this helps!

Jane - posted on 11/04/2009




she is bored. you need to find her an activity that the two of you can do while he's napping. and if she's just being plain disruptive, then give her some timeouts and take something away until she is behaving better. she can't run the household, you do.

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