Daughters share a room but the oldest wont stay outta the crib!

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So my oldest daughter is 3 and my youngest is 1. We dont have a choice in them sharing a room since we only have 2 bedrooms. The oldest will not stay out of her sisters bed at bedtime. She climbs in removes her sheet throws everything out and either jumps or just bugs her. We have tried everything including spanking and threatening to take toys away. Nothing makes a difference. I really wish she would just go to sleep and not at 11pm! i hope someone has a way to help. I'm out of ideas!


Stephanie - posted on 06/22/2010




At 3 your oldest should be able to control her tantrums and understand that her sister's bed is not her bed. You can try this.... make 3 or 4 flowers/butterflys/bows whatever she likes [have her help, that will make it more personal;] hang them from ribbons next to her 'big girl bed'. Every time she gets into her sister's bed, you take one away. If she loses all of them, then she has to go to bed early or another punishment. A girl friend used that for when her kids wouldn't stay in their rooms at night and after a few times of losing all their 'big kid' things, they stopped. Remember to praise your daughter if she gets to keep all of them.

Hope that helps.

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