DCF abuse? have you ever had DCF called on you merely because you upset someone around you?

Sandra - posted on 03/31/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I had a woman call DCF on me because she wanted custody of my son; she was a single parent and had a little boy and wanted to "save" my little boy and take him in when he got taken away. She falsified the DCF record to the extreme saying my older daughter had scaring on her face from cigarette burns... I was pregnant and didn't smoke at the time... and no scars were on her face... DCF showed up... laughed at the situation; said I am a wonderful mother and am doing right by my children and to press charges against the woman. Since then; I have been threatened by every "teenage mother" that I get upset or get into a spat with that they are going to call DCF and get the kids taken away and that will "show me". I was wondering if anyone else had these run in with the rights of DCF being abused? And if so; I was wondering if anyone like me has thought about whether or not the rights of DCF being abused is the cause of a lot of mistakes on DCF's part leading to the death of abused children. Should people REALLY be able to call in Anonymously? Due to this reason people ARE abusing DCF because they feel that they will get away with falsifying the report.


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Desirae - posted on 03/31/2010




I am absolutely disgusted that someone would falsify something as serious as child abuse just because they wanted your child. That woman should be institutionalized. Her children should be taken from her due to mental instability.

Stevie - posted on 03/31/2010




wow sweety thats pretty horrible but atleast the dcf is on your side did you press charges aginst who they said you should i sure would esp if they tell you to do it ha idk how old you are or anything but maybe try to find some more mature moms im a young mom i guess you can consider just look for ppl older maybe depending on your age like if you yourself is a teen mom dont stay around them come on they are all still stuck up into their highschool bs be the bigger mom like the dcf already know you are no its not right for ppl to do that but it happens and it happens all the time and cuz of that the children who really need the help go without notice and then yousee something else up saying this 3 month old just died cuz of the parents or how ever old that breaks my heart to hear that ppl are so stuck up they cant see past their own nose but just find some new mom friends and keep being the great mom you are good luck sweet heart

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