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I am married for 3.5 years to a loving husband. since then, we have been living with his brothers who are either older than him or younger, and some are bloodly related while others are just relatives. Considering the fact that i came from a nuclear family, i am having hard time coping with the inlaws. i cant even scream when i make love to my husband... i feel miserable most of the time. our house is a two bedroom house, but it accomodates for upto 10 people at times. i trully hate this especially now that we have a two year old son who has to move to his own room, apart from that am expecting a newborn in 17 weeks time from now.

we have spoken about this with my hubby since day one, we agree on finding a new home, but he really doesnt make any effort about it. he gives me restrictions on finding a new home that is too cheap, but most of cheap homes are located in unfriendly neighborhood. i am currently a student and a stay at home mom. I trully want to move out of this nightmare lifestyle for both my sake and the kids.. i still love my hubby, and he has trully been faithful to us and our marriage. but the brothers are becoming too much to handle, some are night-time home crushers and i got to open the door for them. we can hardly save money in the bank..due to excessive consumption of food, water, and electricity bills.

is there a way i can undo this spell of living with inlaws. Cuz soon i will get fed up and leave unnoticingly, and without a trace.


Alina - posted on 06/24/2013




Why exactly do you live with his brothers? Is he afraid to be completely on his own with a family? If he doesn't make any efforts to find a new home, it indicates he doesn't want to move, in my opinion. You mention you are a student. Is there any way you can get campus housing? I'm sorry there's not much I can advise on this subject, but I hope you get the issue resolved soon.

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