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Sounds like, at least for now, you need to find a group that does something that interests you and join it. That way you can meet people who like at least one activity that you do and possibly make friends.

You also might consider counseling. It can help you understand why you feel angry and lost, and help you figure out how to help yourself become less angry and lost.

As to your husband's father, I would mail the CDs to him. Why not? It isn't hard to do, he may not be as computer savvy as you are and so isn't comfortable just viewing them on Facebook, and it keeps him connected.

And if you want to know how your niece and nephew are doing, make the calls. You aren't calling to make their parents feel good, but to see how the kids are doing. If you want to know, then call.

The thing is, this isn't hard or difficult work, so if you want a connection do the work. Folks change over time and your families may just change to be more responsive. Or maybe they won't, but in the meantime they will know what your kids are up to, and you will know about theirs. Who knows? Maybe the next generation will be the responsive family you are looking for.

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