Depressed about my 15 month olds development.

Erika - posted on 03/17/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




He has hit every milestone physically. He was walking at 11 months. He hasn't said one word yet though and he isn't pointing or imitating anything. I can't get him to sit still to read to him. I had an early development specialist come out to the house about a month ago and she didn't feel like there was anything wrong with him at this point. I feel upset when I see and hear about other babies development at this age and am very scared. Otherwise he is a smiley, loving baby. He wants to climb up in my lap but when he gets up there he just wants to squirm and climb on me and not sit and learn. He sort of holds his hands up when I play patty cake but only for a second. He walks around going "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" all day long instead of babbling. He use to say "Da Da Da" and "Gee: but now it's always the "MMMMMMMM" It's very hard to get his attention when I call his name. He does turn and look but not all the time. I am seriously wondering if he has some developmental issues but not autism? He doesn't have any of those repetitive behaviors or sensory issues and has always been a great eater. I am literally petrified. When I got pregnant at 41, this was my miracle baby and all I prayed for was a healthy "normal" child. He is an only child and he isn't in daycare or around other kids.


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Sri - posted on 03/21/2015




No need to feel disappointment, it honestly sounds like a speech delay. Speech therapy can help. You need to be honest with his doctor and tell him he isn't meeting his speech millstones. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am a parent coach and educational advocate.

Shelley - posted on 03/21/2015




He might be tounge tied. My daughter wasn't talking all that much at that age, and when she was two the doctor found out she was tounge tied. It's where there is the tounge connected to the bottom of their mouth and it's at the end of the tounge. That's the best way I know how to explain it. I would let ur child's doctor take a look again. And maybe have playdates w other mom's in your area.

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