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My husband and I just moved into a 5th wheel and we have a 2 year old son who seema to have more energy than I can handle. He works full time and I stay at home with our son. I have no friends and my family is usually to busy to talk about anything. I already suffer from depression and don't get me wrong, I love my son and husband to the end of the world and beyond, but I feel like I don't love myself anymore. Where we live, it rains almost constantly so I can't let my son out to play. And obviously the 5th wheel isn't big enough to fill my son's energy-running out problems. I don't ever get sleep, and when I do, my son wakes up and, in turn, wakes me up. Here lately I have been a bucket of tears, which upsets my husband. He is a wonderful man, but he doesn't understand that when I say I need "me time" that it isn't because of him. Sometimes we argue over it for hours until I give up and say nevermind. I'm afraid I will end up resenting him for that someday. I don't know how to explain that yes, I love him dearly, but I desperately need time away from him and my son, not because I don't like being around them, but for the sake of my sanity... Please, I need advice sbefore this wonderful marriage ends up a resentful one...


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Sorry you are having a rough time, Jennifer. I know firsthand how low things can feel some days/weeks. I don't know where you live, but I was wondering if you have anything nearby like we do to get out of the house and use up energy. Our local mall has a really nice play area for little ones with climbing structures and one small slide(free), our local McDonalds and Burger King both have indoor play areas(free), and there is an indoor gym with balls, hoops, bounce house and little toddler bikes for open play.(about $5) I would look around on line to see what is nearby and inexpensive. We have found so many things that only cost the gas it takes to get there! The more you can get your son's energy out, the better he will probably sleep and therefore you as well. I also thought it might work to suggest that your husband take your son out for some daddy/son time, giving you some free time without it seeming like you want to get away from them? I'm not sure about that part. It sounds like a sore spot between you. Also, check around to see if there is a local mom's group in your area- it sounds like you would benefit from some company of other women. Even a few hours a week really help in my experience. *hugs*

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