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I am a 41year old stay at home mom w/ a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I think I'm suffering from depression. I'm going crazy in the house all day with her. Steadly gaining weight. I hate everything about the way I look now. I'm not extremely overweight (I'm 5'2" should weigh around 125, but weigh 138.) I am constantly yelling at my daughter, and my 15 year old son. It seems like I can't cope with anything without wanting to scream! I also have absolutely NO desire to be with my husband anymore. (We have only been married 3 years). Is this part of pre-menopause? Or should I see my doctor and tell her what I'm feeling, or am I just crazy! I have mentione to my husband that I want a membership to a healthclub that has childcare, but he thinks thats rediculous since we have a building w/ AC-electricity that has a bowflex and a treadmill in it. Please resond with your opinions.


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you need to see ur doc! you may just need someone to pour ur heart out to (and ur head) and the doc can point you in the right direstion. The weight issue??? Thers nothing wrong with your weight... honest! your in the healthy weight range for a woman of 5,2. If you dont feel happy with the way you look, take your 2 yr old to the park n make yourself run after her...once you get the ball rollling on the exercise front you wont be able to get enough of it. Also take your son out with the rest of the fam and go riding.

Go see your doc, or even speak to the Health visitor about it. Someone can help you.

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Most definantly go see your doctor first, then make a day that is just for you and you only. Pamper yourself like pedicure, shopping, coffee, with or without friends, but no kids. Also a date night with your hubby regularly would help too, not only to get out and a break fromt he kids, but you two can talk and share how you are feeling. A gym membership is a great idea (even though you have equipment). A membership can in many ways encourage you to go as well as give your daughter some play time with other kids. Exercise can also help you feel better, not just physically, but mentally too, Good luck, hope you start feeling better soon :)

Amanda - posted on 11/19/2009




it sounds like you need some you time. wether you get 15 yr old to watch the little one and you and the hubby go for dinner, a movie, a walk anything. when you have kids you still need to have you time its very important and you you and the hubby need together time. so maybe you guys should talk and work out something maybe make one day a week where you can go out byself or go out together just to get out. it will make a big difference trust me ive gone through this

Michele - posted on 11/19/2009




I would go see your doctor just to be sure everything is ok, then I would go on vacation! Leave the kids with a sitter and take a long weekend away. Sounds to me like you just need some time to soak in a tub, go for a long walk on a beach and just breath!

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