Desperate. Please help!! My baby is too clingy! *LO

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I'm a stay at home mom for the first time with my 2nd child. At 5 months she was able to be be carried by only the men in both families; my husband's and mine. Now she is 9 months and nobody, I mean nobody including all family members is able to carry her. She will cry loudly and when she cries too much, she provokes her vomit. This is becoming very stressful. I can't even put her down, so I can shower, clean my home, or even play with my other child who's 3. We have a 2 bedroom apartment and well my husband and I and baby are in one room and my son has his room. My son has been acting out since she was born. He throws a fit if things don't get done his way. We're working with that and he's in school all day prek3. But as far as my baby who's 9 months. I get so frustrated because I can't leave her alone for a minute and she begins to cry. I feel so bad but I've yelled at her, I've even screamed of frustration in front of her, I spanked her on her leg, when I got to that point of spanking.. I decided to place her in her high chair and I sat across her at our dining table and left her there to cry. She cried for about 40 mins. Like she cried to where she was very upset. I was better off away from her. Crazy stuff has crossed my mind, like taking her back to hospital or giving her to family. Like I perhaps would be peaceful without her. After she was done crying, she eventually fell asleep. So after seeing her asleep for 5 mins. I picked her up and she whined a little. Then I spoke to her calmly and told her I was placing her in swing. She didn't cry a bit. She fell asleep once again. I don't know what to do. I've been wanting a date night with my husband. But my family is afraid of watching her because she cries too much and nothing calms her. Same goes with my husband's family. I don't know what to do. What am I doing wrong? Am I bad mother? :(

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