Detoxing while breastfeeding

Charity - posted on 04/09/2013 ( 8 moms have responded )




I've been trying to look up safe detoxing all day. Mostly I see people saying "No, it's not safe to detox while you're breastfeeding because the toxins you're flushing crossover into the breastmilk" but I also found a couple of people who said, "No, it doesn't cross over into the breastmilk."
Now, another thing that I saw come up was not drinking detox tea (which is actually what I'm interested in) because certain herbs can decrease milk supply and the baby may not get enough nutrients from you because you're flushing them out.
What I'm wondering is if anybody knows if it's okay if you're not solely breastfeeding.

Also, if the toxins are already in your body, aren't they already affecting your child?


Lori - posted on 04/10/2013




Everything I've read about it says DON'T do it while breastfeeding. Even if you're not solely breastfeeding.

Even though those toxins are in your body, they are stored in your cells and aren't floating around. When you detox, it gets them flushed out yes, but ... it pushes those toxins into the breast milk too.

If you need to know about a specific medication LactMed is a great place to look up effects of medications on both your milk supply, and if the med passes through to the milk, and possible effects on your baby.

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I personally wouldn't. You should be eating healthy and you do need more calories when you are breastfeeding as well.

Julie - posted on 04/11/2013




Wait to detox until you are done nursing. The best thing to do is drink tons of lemon water (distilled water and fresh squeezed lemon) like a pint a day. Add a little maple syrup if you want to sweeten it, or I like agave syrup. This will flush your system without any side effects on the cellular level. Try doing it 3-5 days, and do not stop eating healthy foods

Kristin - posted on 04/13/2013




Just eat super clean and drink lots of water. That's what will be best for the both of you anyway.

Wait to do a full detox until you're done breastfeeding. This is such a short time in your care of her.

Good luck.


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Alisha - posted on 04/20/2013




Yea I would just wait until you're not breastfeeding so you know nothing will happen just in case.

Gloria - posted on 04/19/2013




I used to think that detoxing during pregnancy and breastfeeding was not good advice. However, I have done research into clinoptilolite and have been astounded by the research done on this product. It has helped animals have better pregnancies, and births, and has kept toxins OUT of the animal's milk that it gives to its young!

So whereas I wouldn't recommend other detox programs (that I have done) to be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I would highly recommend DAO micro crystals (a super-pure and wonderfully healthy clinoptilolite) as part of a pregnancy and breastfeeding regimen.

Do your own research, and come to your own conclusions, though. :)

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