Did any stay at home moms have a hard time entering the work force after years of being home with the kids?

Nelly - posted on 12/17/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




What was your experience in the job hunt after years of not being in the job market? Where you able to find a job or not? I'm worried of not being able to find a professional job after taking off a few years to be a stay at home mom.


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Ariel - posted on 12/19/2011




Yes. Like Kacie, I was bored and tried to get a job. The only way I could probably get a job is through somebody I know... other places wouldn't hire me because I didn't have any recent experience "dealing with the public".
I'm hoping going to college will help with that so I can finally get a job I want when I seriously decide to go back to work.

Niki - posted on 12/18/2011




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Kacie - posted on 12/17/2011




the few times ive tried out of sheer boredom have been hard. ive havent worked since April of 05, son was born Oct 05. i was a cashier at a grocery store for 2 years. thats ALL i have as job experience. Majority job listings ask for "at least 2 years experience in "this". even the few that dont have that, they want to check your credit. I dont have credit. no credit is bad credit. *sigh*

I have money handling experience. A bank is up my alley. had a job interview, it went amazingly well! even talked to the president of the branch and we hit it off just great! got a good reference from my neighbor since she works with banks all the time. And then they said "ok, we'll run a credit check and get back to you as soon as possible" needless to say, i didnt get a call back.

Now that my son is in school, im applying to be a sub. teacher so i'll be on the same schedule as him and not worry about after school care. all they ask for is a finger print analysis! Im clean as a whistle! LOL

Luckily, i dont have to work. but if and when i ever do, luck better be on my side!!

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