Did anyone have a trumatic birth?

Kaytie - posted on 04/10/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




I was just wondering if anyone had a really trumatic time when they had there kids. I was in a car crash when I was in labor with my 3 1/2 year old. I just left the hospital and was told to go home and rest it was not time. We were almost home when an old man turned in front of us. My husband tryed to stop but couldnt. My daughter was delivered by emergancy c-section. She has a scar on her head cause the doc cut her when they cut me open. My 15 month old son was also an emergancy c-section. My water broke 8 weeks early for no reason that I was given. His left lung had a hole in it and it collapsed. He had to have chest tube and breathing tubes and was in the hospital for weeks. I was just wondering if other people had similer thing happen and if so what. Please share.


Lori - posted on 04/10/2010




Both of my children were trumatic births for health reasons. Complications in both pregnancies were due to an RH Incompatability. For those unfamiliar with what an RH Incompatability is~I have a rare bloodtype AB negative and both of my children carry a positive blood type. My body treated my pregnancies as an infection in my body. Even with the RH shots there's no gaurentee that the blood types won't mix. I was bedrested for several weeks during both of my pregnancies as one of the effects of having this specific complication and that is pre-term labor. I was able to carry my first child until 26 weeks gestation. He was born 4lbs 1oz and 17 1/2" long. Luckily his lungs were fully developed and aside from being so little there were very few complications thereafter. My second child, was also born early at 36 weeks gestation after the same complications weighing 5 lbs 10 ozs and 20" long. The delivery of my second child was much more complicated. During delivery his blood mixed with mine causing severe hemoraging. More children thereafter were not possible as it was highly recommended that I not have anymore children and just a few years after my youngest son was born I had to have a full hystorectomy. I'm extremely blessed to have the two children that I have, that they were born healthy and that I was able to endure and survive the complications that I did.


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Chelsea Cleo - posted on 04/12/2010




Oh my gosh that is so horrible!
I thought my pregnancy and labour was bad!
To start off I had really bad morning sickness, i couldn't eat anything, i even threw up water! I finally got over that and had all my scans etc and found out that my daughter wasnt growing properly, they set an induction date and everything went from there. I was in labour for 10 hours, just after I had my epidural Kyah stopped breathing properly because she had her cord wrapped around her neck twice. They thought i should have an emergency c section but just ended up having a vontouce.

Andrea - posted on 04/12/2010




Not sure if this counts as traumatic to what I have read here but was told by the Dr's it is LOL!!!

My mucus plug came out at 30 weeks when I called the Dr's they said not to worry probably just from sex (that was at 830 am)... then about 2 pm I called again when I started to leak fluid and again was told don’t worry it is nothing and come in tomorrow at 9 am!!! It started to get hard to walk and I was in town at the time... ended up going to a child birthing class at one of the local hospitals in the area... got there went to the bathroom and boom my water broke!!! I was in admitted within 5 minutes.. my husband was away for work about 4 hours way and it took 2 hours for them to tell us yeah your having a baby...

They had a hard time getting the monitors on her and the contraction monitors and they didn't think I was in full blow labor so I wasn't moved to a hospital with a NICU... when my husband got there the contraptions got a lot worse... but they weren't on the monitors so the nurses thought she is being a drama queen now that hubby was here...

A few hours later I was yeah I need pain meds now... so they brought in the pain meds and said before we give them to you we have to check you.. One thing that you never want to see is the nurse face go pale and jaw drop which she did.. my lil DD was crowning!!! Because we weren't in a hospital that had a NICU or even the equipment to help a preemie they had to call in a ambulance from another hospital 45 mins away... Now here is where I guess they say it was traumatic because my lil one was crowning for 43 minutes before she was born.

When my body said okay pushing time, their was no Dr in the room... we had two nurses in with us my hubby and my mom... the head nurse was ready to catch her and the other was screaming down the hallway for the nurse and my mom was pushing the agency button (like the nurse told her to do)... her head came out before the Dr got there and they waited till for the Dr to get her out all the way.... The poor dr got called out of a FT delivery to come a delivery my baby (I felt so bad for the other mom kinda)!!!

It took her a few to breath and I remember asking why isn't she breathing.... she was able to breath well enough to wait for the ambulance with the NICU nurse to get there ( few mins thank god) and had to be intabated!! I was only able to kiss her for a micro second and then after 4 hours see her for about 30 mins in a incubator before was taken to the other hospital!!!

She is two now and doing great by the way!!!

Heather - posted on 04/11/2010




Well, I thought mine was traumatic until reading about yours....

With my first baby I was in labor for 23 hours before having an emergency c-section because my body wouldn't dialate past a 3. Towards the end of labor they gave me a medicine to increase my contractions, so I had to push, but I started un-dialating. They told me not to push... has anyone tried to not push... yeah right. My mother-in-law (who is a nurse) got into a fight with the nurse about whether or not they could give me medicine to stop the contractions, because I was pushing, and my baby was in danger... my mother-in-law won... :)

With my twins I started having contractions at 30 weeks. I was only dialated to a 2 so they weren't concerned. By 32 weeks I was having hard contractions every 3 minutes, but was only dialated 3 so they said that I wasn't in labor... mind you when I had my first baby I never got past a 3, my body just can't do that... So two agonizing weeks later they went ahead and did a c-section...

Lacey - posted on 04/11/2010




I'm so sorry everyone had such horrible experiences. I hope everyone and there kids are doing great now.

I was VERY sick through the pregnancy I was getting dizzy all the time and had almost passed out multiple times. I swelled A TON. I gained 60+lbs. But every Dr.s appointment they said your wonderful and so is the baby. Then at 35 weeks they gave me permission to go 4-5 hours away to visit my parents. We were there for 5 days. The night before we left I got extremely sick. The next morning my husband got up and got ready to leave. Right before he left to go get gas put in the car he came in to check on me I told him I didn't think I was going to be able to take that drive. Thats the last thing I remember because at that moment I went into a seizure. The ambulance came and my brother went to get my mom from work. My husband said by the time they got there I was out of the seizure and was talking. The paramedics asked me a bunch of ?s but I didn't know the answers. I didn't know how old I was or who my husband was. Now I don't remember ANY of this. When I got to the hospital they couldn't find her heartbeat in the middle of checking for it I went into another seizure. When the Dr. got there he was able to get her heartbeat and said I had 10min to get my blood pressure down or they had to take the baby. My blood pressure just went up so they did an emergency c-section. I came to a few hours later. I realized I was in the hospital and was no longer pregnant. I thought I had lost my daughter. My husband was there and explained to me (he says for the 100th time) what had happened and that our baby was doing great. No one realized how much danger I was in till a few days later. They came in and told us how lucky we were and thought for sure they were going to lose me and maybe the baby. Turns out I had been on life support even. They said my blood pressure was so high I had already passed the point when most people have strokes or wind up in a coma. I was still in danger for a long time after but once they got my daughter out she was no longer at risk of anything happening to her, thank god. I was SEVERELY sick for months after and in agonizing pain due to the seizures. I wasn't even able to lay flat. I wasn't able to breastfeed which I was sooo upset about. Turns out I had pre-eclampsia which was never diagnosed. I am at a higher risk then normal now for that to happen with any future pregnancies. I am very scared to try and have another baby. My husband doesn't even want to have more because of that, but will see what happens. My daughter is doing great now! she was born may 27th and was 5lbs 2oz and 17 in. long.

Amanda - posted on 04/11/2010




When I had my daughter I went in to be induced. I got there at 9pm and when they gave me the pitocin they gave me too high of a dose to start and it caused me to have a contraction that was not stopping. They lost my daughter's heartbeat and once they did find it again it was at 67bpm. I was just staring at my husband in disbelief, it was just so scary and everything just seems a little fuzzy. I think I started to go into shock. Everyone was in my room. One giving me a shot to stop the contraction, someone gave me an oxygen mask, the dr had to break my water so he could put a monitor on my daughter's head that way they could track her heartrate better. After that her heartrate went back up and they didn't have to give me anymore pitocin and I just started to labor naturally. Later the dr told me they held an operating room for me just in case they had to whisk me away. Luckily it didn't come to that and I had my daughter the next morning at 11:03 am. Happy and Healthy

Nadine - posted on 04/10/2010




After loosing a baby at 8, 17 and 19 weeks the doctors finally decided that I needed to have a cerclage done to stay pregnant.(a stich in the cervix to keep it closed) I found out at 5 weeks with my 4th pregnancy so they had me going to the doctor every two weeks. At 14 weeks they did the surgery and then I was on and off bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. At 23 weeks I was in a car accident but we were fine. Then at 26 weeks had to go on medication to stop my contractions after them putting me on medication at 19 weeks for my nausia. During all of this they continued to see me every two weeks. At 36 weeks they removed the stich and I diulated to 3 before I even left the doctors. My daughter at that time moved into my pelvis so it was painfull all the time. At 39 weeks I went in to labor finally at home at 445pm. My contractions were immediately 7 minutes apart. My husband was at school so our friend was supposed to pick me up and take me to him so he could take me the rest of the way but took her sweet time and finally after 2 hrs made it to him. By time we made it to the hospital my contractions were a minute and a half apart. But they wouldnt give me anything finaly after 2 hrs they get me into a room by this time my contractions are 30 seconds apart but I was only diulated to 4 so they gave me the epidual and I was able to relax and go to sleep. At 230am they broke my water and I went from 4 to 7 right away by 4am I was fully diulated and by 6am I had her. But the interns that delivered her decided she was going to get stuck because the week before in an ultra sound she was showing as 8lbs 4oz but instead of cutting me and helping her if she got stuck after her head came out with out me pushing they reached in and tryed to grab her arms to help her out and ended up getter her arm wedged and stuck in my pelvic so they then grabed her head and strated pulling in all directions. By time they got her out we could tell something was wrong and they rushed her to the nicu and we later found out that they had damaged the nerves in her neck and spine so bad that she had paralized vocal cords and swallowing problems. They also ripped me in three different places. My daughter ended up having to stay in the nicu for 30 days because of what they did to her. She was the biggest baby there and oldest at 39 weeks and 8lbs 10oz. She still and will always have problems with her vocal cords and swallowing because the interns didnt want to just let me push her out.

Caitlin - posted on 04/10/2010




Wow Lyn that is absolutely crazy that the doctor would leave! Did the hospital not have a place for the doctors to sleep?

My pregnancy was very difficult. I was extremely sick up until I was about six months pregnant. I was loosing weight instead of gaining weight. One morning I woke up around 1am and threw up. By the time its was 6am I had thrown up 13 times! My husband took me to my doctor where I was then put on IV fluids. After that they put me on a medicine called Phenergan which helped my morning sickness a lot. Once that problem was solved my blood pressure started getting higher and higher. I was put in the hospital overnight for observation and so they could run test to determine if I had preeclampsia. I was told that my levels were just below having it so I was sent home and put on bedrest. My son was developing just fine and his weight was where it needed to be so they didnt seem too concerned. I went back to the doctor for my 38 week checkup and my blood pressure was the highest it had been throughout my entire pregnancy. I was sent directly to the hospital where I was induced at 5pm that evening.

My doctor told me that I wouldnt go into active labor until the following evening so they gave me medicine to help me sleep. I was checked at 12am and I was 3cm dialated. At one 1am I woke up to this horrible urge to go to the bathroom(you ladies know what Im talking about). A nurse came in and checked me and I was 10cm dialated! Since I wasnt in active labor I wasnt in a labor&delivery room so I was rushed into one. So here I am 10cm dialated with no epidural. I was screaming for one. I finally had one in about 15 minutes later and after confessing my love to the Anesthesiologist I was told that as soon as my water broke I'd be ready to push. I started pushing and then my placenta abrupted. I wasnt told until later but at that point my son's heartrate starting dropping. Once my son was born he wasnt breathing and his skin was grey so the NICU team had to step in. Needless to say they got him breathing and after spending a short time in the NICU he no longer had any complications. He's now 2 1/2 years old :-)

The doctors did finally conclude that I had pregnancy- induced hypertension.

Kaytie - posted on 04/10/2010




Wow Jess Im so sorry that you had such a horrible time! I dont blame you for being scarred to have anouther baby.

Lyn I think my husband would have passed out if he had to deliver one of our kids! I am glad that you little girl is ok.

Wow I am happy that everyones kids are ok now. Mine are great. Growing like weeds and eating me out of house and home!

When I had my daughter they had to induce labore cause the car crash stoped my labor. After 23 hours of hard labor they tried an epidural and cause my spine was swollen it would not take. Even after my water broke I never dilated past a 4. They were going to give me more time to dilate when her heart rate droped so low they thought they were going to lose her. They rushed me to the OR for an emergancy c-section. My husband was not allowed in the room or even on the same floor! She was 9lbs 7oz and perfect. They did my c-section vertical instead of the normal horizontal way so when I went to get my staples out about an hour later my stomach came open about 5 inches. I had to rush back to the hospital for surgery. Because my daughter had already left the hospital I was not alowed to have her with me. I was there a week with out her and she was not allowed in my room. She was only 2 weeks old.

My son I had a really hard pragnancy. Morning sickness the whole time and was in and out of the hospital having to get the shot to stop labor. Finnaly at 32 weeks my water broke. The c-section went fine (hubby still was not able to be in the room!). His lungs were still undeveloped and had to have breathing tubes to help him breath. That was so hard I saw him through glass for about 30 seconds in the OR before they rushed him away to the NICU. That was at 12:02 am and I got to a room at about 1am. I was not able to go and see him till about 10pm! It was driving me crazy! I was in my room alone (hubby went home to be with our daughter for a few hours) hearing all the other babys in the rooms around me knowing that my little man is just down the hall and I have NO idea even what he looks like and no one was telling me what was going on with him. Finnaly I got up pulled my IV out and walked out of my room and started down the hall to the NICU before one of my nurses ran after me and took me back to my room! Talk about going crazy!! I wanted to scream. They finnaly let me down there to see him but I couldnt hold him for about 5 days. That was one of the hardest times in my life. I am just greatful that both of my babys are healthy and happy now.

Heather - posted on 04/10/2010




Wow, ladies! I hope your kids are okay Kaytie. I'm sure you'll never forget THOSE days, huh?!

Jess, I'm so sorry that you had such a terrible experience with the place you chose to bring your baby into the world! I just want to tell you that there are a lot of wonderful places staffed with wonderful people out there- so don't be afraid to have another- but I guess investigating a new location would be warranted! Wow. So sorry you had to experience that.

I was induced to labor for my daughter, who is almost 8 months old now. I progressed rapidly and started pushing, but she had her head turned just slightly and it was getting stuck on my pubic bone. They were preparing to go in manually and move her when her heart rate suddenly spiked all crazy, so they ended up doing a vacuum extraction. The epidural did NOTHING for that! It hurt like a son of a gun and it tore me really badly. My daughter was whisked away to be examined b/c she had a slight fever and they saw her doing something strange w/her eyes that can sometimes indicate seizure activity or congenital cataracts. They allowed me to go nurse her about 4 hours later, but didn't bring her to my postpartum room for her daddy to hold her until almost 8 hours later, when they cleared her and deemed her completely healthy (thank God!). I, on the other hand, had several stitches, had to have a surgical procedure 10 weeks later to remove a ton of scar tissue that developed, And then I had to go through months of pelvic floor physical therapy before being able to even have intercourse again. My daughter was 6 1/2 months old before we could resume normal relations. Now my OB and my PT have told me that my tissues are too trashed to ever allow normal cervical dilation for a vaginal birth in the future, so I'll have to do c-section with any future children. A bummer- but I'd do it all again if I had to to have my little girl. I'm sure you can all identify with that sentiment! =) Being a mom is the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced... even with all the trials. And just think- we all have stories to tell. Lol. =)

Lyn - posted on 04/10/2010




does the fact that My husband and nurse delivered my first child count! lol I was early by 9 days, and the doctor on call checked me and said I have a good 24 hours before delivering our first child. This was at 11 pm. The Doctor on Call then LEFT THE HOSPITAL! He went home to sleep! At 6 am, about 7 hours later, I had to push! Can you believe it! They called the dr. and he was on his way back to the hospital. I had no drugs to relieve the pain, and my back was killing me! So at 8:30, I delivered my daughter, with my husband holding one leg and the nurse holding the other leg. They were calling all these "codes" to assist this nurse. The dr. showed up about 10 minutes after my daughter was born to deliver the placenta. My daughter was healthy, thank god, and there was a HUGE investigation with the hospital administration regarding policies of dr.s who leave the hospital when they are on-call. I think about that all the time, and thank god my daughter didn't have any problems during delivery.

Jess - posted on 04/10/2010




Kaytie you sure had a rough time of it ! I do hope your kiddies are doing A OK now though ?

My story is a little different, I had a really rough pregnancy. It started with 24/7 morning sickness, than at 5 months I started fainting and passing out, I was on a train going into work one day and ended up in the ambulance being rushed to the ED. Than I got pre-eclampsia and it went untreated until I was induced 5 weeks early. So for several months I was very sick and swollen and no-one could tell me why !

So I was given the inducement drugs on a Tuesday night at about 8pm, I was meant to stay in that birthing suit until my daughter was born, but for some reason they moved me upstairs to the ward. The pain started as just period pain and despite being deathly allergic the nurse offered me morphine, I took a sleeping tablet instead.

I was mean to be checked at 8am to see if the gel could be removed, but at 9am they grabbed a spare midwife instead to check, and she accidently broke my waters. They told me to sit tight they would take me straight down to the birthing suit. I was then left in that room with no nurses or midwife's. I was vomitting all over myself and my mum had to clean me up !

3 hours later after being strapped to the bed by monitoring machines, refused pain medicine and told not to move at all they finally took me down to the birthing suit. They put me in a wheel chair, but as I stood up and turned around I had a contraction and fell face first into the bed, I was screaming in agony. The nurse yelled at me and told me hurry up and get up !

So they wheeled me throught the public corridors in full labour with nothing but a vomit bag to bite to keep me from screaming, the midwife that awaited me was so very rude, she assulted me, spat on me and screamed in my face to "shut up". She noticed my cervix was stuck over the babies head and with no warning she shoved her entire fist up there and used her finger to pull my cervix back out of the way. I thought I was going to die !

A new midwife came along about 45 minutes later and she was lovely. I was being told not to push... like I could help it ! The nice midwife decided to take a look and saw my daughters head coming out, So finally I was allowed to push, and 3 pushes later she was out, took about a minute !

Once she was out, thats when my troubles really started, the hospital took her away, put her in special care. They kept telling me I could have her back, first in the morning, then in the afternoon and again the next morning, So after a week and them threatening to get a restraining order on me to stop me seeing my daughter they finally let us take her home. She was perfectly healthy ! They falsly reported us to the government health agency for drug addicts and alike, and for women who are at high risk of harming their baby. After just 1 visit from that nurse we were cleared straight away and they apologised for the interigation they gave us !

So 7 months on, my daughter is happy and healthy... certainly no drugs here ! I want more kids but am really scared to go do it all over again !

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