Did you have a good or bad experience being induced?

Erin - posted on 09/18/2009 ( 18 moms have responded )




I'm 39 weeks and due Sept. 25th. After 41 weeks, they plan to induce me. I think I want to wait a week and a half after due date before being induced. I have heard some horror stories. The only positive is that this one woman had a speedy labor in 48 hours! Mainly I heard labor is longer when you're induced, if your cervix isn't ready you will most likely have a c-section, etc. So please tell me your story (positive/negative) and how it went for you. My nurse said they would start it off w/ IV. They wouldn't break my water or strip membranes 1st.


Rochelle - posted on 09/27/2009




I was 2 cm dilated starting at 38 weeks. At 41 weeks they induced me because there was still no change. I had the cytotec pill placed to soften the cervix, then pitocin started 8 hours after that. I started the induction at 1pm and was never in pain until 3 am, but the contractions were never so bad as to where I couldn't handle them. I didn't get an epidural. By noon the next day I was ready to push!!! I only pushed for about 5 minutes before Lilli was born. the overall experience was good, although I had planned to start labor naturally, being induced wasn't bad like I thought it would be. Everyone's different but I wish you luck!

Jenn - posted on 09/25/2009




I have had both good and bad. I was induced with my first at 42 weeks. My cervix was not ripe so they tried using prepadil 2 times and it did nothing. Then when I was admitted into the hospital they used pitocin for 2 days at max before anything happened - then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I was begging for my epidural (which I said I wasn't going to get). From the time the contractions started it was about 12 hours of labour, and 3 hours of pushing, and by that time the epidural had worn off. With my twins I was induced at 38 weeks but this time they broke my water first to start labour. I so wish they had done that instead with my first! From the time they started until the girls were born was only about 3 hours and much less painful. I did get an epidural, but as it turns out I was almost fully dilated anyway and didn't realize it - so I mostly did it pain med free (other than the pushing part). From my experiences I would recommend having them break the water first, then if you get no results from that they can always go to the IV.

Sonya - posted on 04/12/2013




I was induced at 38 weeks due to pre-eclampsia.
I found the experience terrifying as it was my first baby. They tried 4 times to get the drip in and finally got it (i was by myself so was so scared and in tears already) then was told to stay on my back because every time i go on my side the babys heart rate dropped.
I was checked at 10am and told will check again at 1pm (what the!!!) asked for drugs but started pushing at 10:20am and had my daughter at 10:35am.
When she came out the cord was around her neck. and lucky me i got a nurse who had never done a natural so she kept pulling the baby upwards choking my baby. My partner had to tell her about the cord and she was like oh yeah.....(this is someone who was qualified!)
All up the inducing wasnt to bad. the contractions were one on top of the other. even my midwife said she had never seen such a full on labour so quickly but i guess for an hour and a half from start to end it wasnt to rough :) Hoping for a quick one this time around to!! :D

Sindie - posted on 03/15/2013




Babies don't breathe in utero...
Are you sure it wasn't the heartbeat that was irregular?

Tomekia Joy - posted on 09/25/2009




I was induced with my first child and honesty I felt nothing! the nurse asked if I had a high tolerance to pain and she said that can be why b/c I was having contractions. and like you I had heard horror stories and was sure I would be heard blocks away from the hosipta. I did have to have a c-section which went smooth. but no one shared with me to move as much as you can it will help you to heal better my second c-section was better b/c i moved and walked everyday in the house.

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Becky - posted on 05/19/2010




I was induced with my second baby at 38 weeks (my first I was only in labor for 1 1/2 hours so they wanted to control it) They broke my water at 10am started the IV around 12pm I started having contractions around 3pm and had her at 9:03 pm. I though it was a great experience

Beth - posted on 05/18/2010




i was induced on day on monday morning (6 days after my due date) due to having pre eclampsia. i was in labour for about 38 hours, my baby was back to back with me which made my contractions worse. when i was dilated 3cm my waters were popped. i was having my babies heart monitored when my midwife realised they were picking up my heart beat, when they found his they found it had dropped dangerously low so i was rushed in to surgery for an emergency c section.i had no pain relief untill my waters were burst about 34 hours after I was induced when i had an epidural and then when i was in surgery i had a spinal aneasthetic.

Hayley - posted on 09/27/2009




I was induced with my daughter at 39 weeks because I had pre-eclampsia. I had also heard horror stories such as the labour pains are much worse and the labour can go for much longer. I was given the gel they rub on your cervix at 9am, mild contractions at 1pm, 4.30pm 3cm's dialated but at 6.44pm she was born! So everyone's different and you may have a speedy labour too!

Good Luck!! x

Ara - posted on 09/27/2009




I went to the doctor on my due date and was told to go right to the hospital, b/c the baby had irregular breathing patterns. She said I was going to have a baby that day. They attempted to induce me for 18 hours and nothing worked. I didn't even dialate to a 1! After that, my doctor just said, well I think it's best if we do a c-section. I was scared, but I made it thru. The drugs make you itch like crazy once you're done. I didn't realize, but I had practically itched my nose off. It was so gross. That was the only bad thing. I didn't feel a thing and was just super sore for the next few days. One tip, eat before you go. Once you're there, you can't eat during or after the c-section. Good luck, it's not that bad. :)

Teasha - posted on 09/26/2009




i was induced with my first child and id do it again i was in labor for about 12hours after being induced .. but one thing i heard was being induce makes labor pains really bad

Cheralee - posted on 09/25/2009




I was induced for both of my children. My first was not a good experience, but my second was great.

With my first I was induced due to preeclampsia which was a big part of the issues I had. I also waited too long to get my epidural and had a terrible nurse at the end who let me give myself too many shots of the epidural pump. My daughter was stuck on my pelvic bone and I was feeling the worst pain ever on my right side and instead of her trying to figure out what was going on she just said i needed more meds and it ended up just all building up on the left side so that my leg was so swollen it felt like pins and needles and i still felt the pain on the right. This is the same nurse who stood between my legs close to delivery time checking me and was talking to herself and another nurse saying she didn't know what she was doing. If you have a bad nurse DEMAND a new one! Also, I had a bad induction experience, but my daughter was delivered in 19 hours from the start of induction and it did not result in a c-section. I truly believe my problems were due to the health concerns that were already there going into the induction (the whole pregnancy was filled with issues) and one incompetent nurse, so please do not be scared by this experience.

My second child was also induced and a much better experience. It took almost 8 hours to be able to break my water and that hurt because my cervix was at a -3 (which means it wasn't ready at all - that's the normal position), but once they broke my water it was quick and easy! My son was delivered less than 2 hours after they broke my water and it was so easy that my dr almost didn't make it for the delivery as they had me doing everything I could to hold him in. He was a one push baby! Oh, I also got the epidural as soon as they broke my water instead of waiting like I had with my first.

My best advice to you is that every delivery is different (it depends on your body and the baby), just relax - the more relaxed you are the easier it is cuz your body isn't fighting what it is supposed to do, and trust your gut instinct. If something doesn't feel right it probably isn't.

Jackie - posted on 09/25/2009




I was induced because I had gestational diabetes . I was induced at 39 weeks ..what ended up happening was I was in labor for 18 hours with the baby's heart rate dropping on and off ...it was decided that I should have a c-section because of that reason . It was not the most pleasant experience but you just have to try and stay positive because at the end of it is a beautiful and healthy baby ... and as long as you and your baby are healthy that's all that really matters.

Kerry - posted on 09/24/2009




I was 10 days overdue when my doctor wanted to induce me but i went into labour naturally that morning anyway. My baby went into foetal distress and i had an emergeny caesar. he was quite sick for a while and wish that i had been induced earlier which may have prevented some of the complications. trust your doctor if they recommend you be induced if you are going overdue

Brandy - posted on 09/24/2009




Just make sure they insert the gel onto your cervix a while before using the IV. It helps soften the cervix so that the labor isn't so long. It can be rough on the iv and if things are going slow for you I definately recommend the epidural because even if you are not making any progress, you are still in hard labor because the iv is forcing you to be, so it can be a long process. But don't even worry yourself, just make sure you go in with a plan and you still have two weeks to go into labor! Have lots of sex with your man because sperm is proven to soften the cervix which can encourage labor to begin naturally.

Bethany - posted on 09/18/2009




I haven't been induced, although I did get pitocin afterward because the nurse yanked on my placenta too hard and made me bleed. Anyway, I thought those contractions were worse than labor.

What I wanted to say, though, is that healthy women with healthy babies go into labor naturally at an average of 42 weeks. Not 40.

Also, you have a say in what they do to you, even if the doctor makes it sound like you don't. You can veto anything... they'll just make you sign a waiver. Basically, once you go in to get induced, most hospitals will only let you go for 24 hours before making you have a c-section. If the baby isn't ready, well, too bad because the doctor is and that child is coming out. However, you can decide to go in at the scheduled time, let them start the pitocin drip, and then if you don't go into real labor within a couple hours you can go home and try again in a few days. As long as you don't let them strip membranes or break your water while you're there, that is. If I was really overdue I'd probably do that.

I would personally avoid getting induced. Natural things you can try are a lot of walking, doing stairs, and sex. Semen actually softens the cervix and can be that little nudge that sends you into labor.

Good luck!

Mandy - posted on 09/18/2009




i was induced with my first son as he was overdue. it took 4 hours for my waters to break and 3 1/2 hours for him to arrive.

they only down part of it all i found is my body didnt recover as easily as it did for natural birth and the pain comes really suddenly, not greadually building up like natural birth.

Mary - posted on 09/18/2009




I was induced with my first. The contractions were more intense but the labor was only 8 hours.

Michelle - posted on 09/18/2009




I was induced and from the beginning of the induction to the end it was 3 hours. I won't lie and say it wasn't painful because it was. The contractions were one on top of the other for the last hour and a half. I considered this a pretty good experience considering I was only like at one or two centimeters going in. Labor is different with everyone and I hope all goes well for you.

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