Did you know, toxins are in baby products?

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Leading Consumer Group - The Environmental Working Group ( EWG ) a non profit Research Organization based in Washington found that nearly 1/2 of the International products have never been assessed for safety by the Food & Drug Administration ( FDA ) Youngsters today may be exposed to 5 dozen different chemicals everyday. What was found was that all most all of the most popular products contain ingredients that could be harmful.. The EWG - claims that many product labels just aren't true.

80% of labels that stated gentle, contain ingredients that are linked to allergies & to skin irritation.

These products range from shampoos, soaps & toothpastes. The EWG also exposed Phthalates from everyday baby products. These ingredient pose real world risks for reproductive damage especially for boys.

The EWG found that personal care products expose children to an average of 60 chemicals everyday that they can breath in or absorb through their skin.

New studies are showing Doctors have found that urine tested in 163 babies found that more than 80% were exposed to Phthalates, used to stabilize fragrances in products. It is legal for companies to use ingredients that are reproductive toxins like Phthalates,carcinogens & other potentially harmful substances.

Researchers say - " There is a real evidence to have a cause for concern "

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unless you make your own organic food,clothes,and breath bottled air,toxins are just part of life in my opinion. But I do know and understand there are ways to limit how much your family is exposed to.

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