Did your child change into a stranger when he/she storted school?

Christina - posted on 04/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son started kindergarten this year and he no longer is my sweet little boy here at home. I don't know what to do he is disrespectful, doesn't listen anymore and now he has these melt downs that can be uncontrollable. Unfortunately all this behavior is starting to rub off on his little brothers now. My husband and I have tried numerous things to fix these problems short of just pulling him out of school. HELP!!!!!! I am open to any advice.


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Sheryl - posted on 04/25/2010




i am having some of the same problem. only thing is now my son is lieing to me. i felt, i got him out of it and know he doing it all over agian. i have just had to set down the law. i think alot of it is cause they may see other kids act one way and then they may start to think it ok when it not. i would ask your son teacher how he is at school. if his having any problems with other kids. plus i would set down and ask him how his feeling. i know his young but i am sure he could till you at last how his feeling. my son got upset one day at school cause i told him no he had to stay and he smack me and i told him no sure that is not going to happen. the next time i am gong to bring him and make him set in time out and no toys, shows or time outs. i think it great that at least your not just setting there saying oh he'll grow out of it. sound like your doing a good job. just hang in there. hope thing get better.

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I have a 17 month old & a 4 year old. Although they don't go to school they do go to daycare while i go to school. I've notice that my 4 year old is fine when I pick him up he is happy, cheerful, and nothing short of a love bug!! My 17 month old however is a nightmare!! He is grumpy, won't listen, and crys none stop!! He is clingy making it impossible for me to get anything done.. So what is do when we get home i give my oldest a snack and my youngest a cup of milk take him in his room close the door and rock him. I rock him until he falls asleep or gets down. Usually this lasts about half an hour. I've noticed the one on one time makes a huge difference! He either falls asleep of gets up running around playing!! I hope this was helpful to you :)

Kate - posted on 04/25/2010




Does he go to all day kindergarten? That is so many hours for 5 yr olds to be in a school environment. He probaby comes home with too much pent up energy. Have you tried letting him play outside for awhile when he gets home, or try wrestling on the floor with him. Or maybe he could use some quiet alone time in his bedroom after school. Some kids need quiet time to process the day. Maybe he needs to do both; something physical and then quiet time. l don't think trying to control him is the right answer. He's been controlled all day and at the end of the day he needs time to be in control.

Hope my ideas help some.

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