Discipline for a 16 month old?

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Hi Moms- my daughter is turning 16 months this monthand her big issues are 1) throwing food and tantrums in her high chair, 2) hitting Mommy when I tell her NO and 3) already she is back-talking and giving me sass. I want to know if there is anything I can do to discipline or if she really is too young. I am afraid that the reason these are problems is because I have not been disciplining her so far in her development. She is just such a terror and it feel like we are fighting all day because one of the three are always happening. Is anyone else's 16 month old this full of adittude? Is this a phase? When can I hope for some relief?


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My guess is that it isnt a phase. Shes starting to push her limits and test the water to see what exactly she can get away with. Its horribly hard!! With my son, we went to time out EVERY time! I got a time out mat, and made him sit for 1 minuet every time. Then after his minuet, he stood up and we calmly discussed why he was put there and why his actions were not going to be tolerated. Whatever kind of discipline you choose, be fully consistent!! Anyone who is with her, including daycare workers, church workers, and extended family need to all be on the same page with you. It's hard but you will make it!

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