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My ten year old refuses to do his homework, take showers, and go to school. Should I spank him and how?


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Gardensparrow - posted on 03/15/2016




Hi Feather~
I completely understand figuring out discipline strategies is not easy. Especially as our children get older. But, as far as spanking, I know I've read that this is usually not as effective for older kids your son's age. Instead, maybe doing something more along the lines of suspension of privileges would be more helpful. However, before you go this route, you might also want to sit down with your son and go over some expectations for his behavior and what the consequences will be if he doesn't follow through. That way, he can't use the excuse of not knowing better. Also, it helps you be more consistent (which is so important) in following through on what you said. So, just some thoughts to consider....

Cutemommy - posted on 03/15/2016




Go to his school and work with the staff to figure out the issue is? sounds like something is going on at school. Take a day off to physically take him into the office and talk to his teacher or teachers see what they have to say about his performance at school and just go from there. kids can be mean maybe there are kids being mean to him or maybe he is having a hard time with the work and needs help with it

Michelle - posted on 03/12/2016




So what consequences has had up until now? Starting to spank now won't work, you need to be using more appropriate consequences.

Raye - posted on 03/11/2016




You should not have let things get this bad. You should have had rules and consequences long before, to teach him his responsibilities. I'm not anti-spanking, but I don't think spanking is right for your only method of discipline. You need to pay attention to what he's doing and stay on him to get things done. Don't give in to whining, don't accept back talk. You're the parent. If he's allowed to continue this way now, he will not learn the skills necessary to be a responsible, functional member of society.

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