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I would love to know how all of you stay at home moms divide your time. I have a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. I do spend a lot of time playing with them outside and in. We do a lot of organized activities. What I am missing is time to just sit and do nothing. I'm exhausted, but when we sit with the TV on I feel guilty. So then I get up and run myself into the ground. Does anyone have suggestions for getting young kids to allow you time to relax?


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Most of the time I take for myself comes before my son wakes in the morning and after he falls asleep in the evenings. I wake around 5:45-6am, to have a long shower and sit a few minutes in my robe reading a book. Granted, my son usually sleeps until almost 7am every morning, so I guess I'm lucky in that respect. I put him down for the evening at 8:30 and the "tucking in" process is usually finished by 9, which gives me about an hour or two to write in his journal, chill with a book, or just go to bed early :)

During the day, I snag moments for myself by letting him play at the park while I chat with another mom.

I bring a book or magazine to enjoy during his Taekwondo and swim classes, which are nearly an hour long each. At home, he plays outside or in his room for 20-30 minute stretches while I do the cleaning, but really I don't get to set down too much at home while he's awake.

Evenings (after hubby is home) is my busiest time, so I do try to enjoy a leisurely lunch--that is the only time during the day the TV comes on in our house. I know it's not great to eat and watch TV, and I would never ever consider TV at breakfast or dinner, but for lunch it works for us. I go into the office and watch a show on the computer & my son watches PBS kids in the living room. I usually take about 30-40 minutes.

Yes, I get interrupted, but I remind myself that I got an hour this morning that hubby didn't get. And, yes, sometimes I feel guilty, but I remind myself that many kids out there today watch hours of TV each day, and some poor children live in homes where the TV is blasted at them all day long with no break, even when they don't even want to watch it, so I feel a little better about my son watching 30-40 minutes of TV each day. It's okay to take a break :)

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Start allowing them to do more solo with you just watching close by. Eventually you have to, to get anything done. Yes when mine were that young I was in the same shoes. Still my house is not squeaky clean either but these are the times that you'll treasure. Don't beat yourself up too much. Some TV can be educational. Naptime is usually a great time to get a lot done. Take short breaks of play & work time. While you vacuum they play in their rooms for 30 minutes. Watch them play while folding laundry. Give them the socks to match. Have them help you carry the clothes / basket into the room. At night I want to sit & unwind with my husband after the kids go to bed but sometimes I get up & do things while he crashes. No fair!!!! But it seems to be the only way. I've definiately learned to not be the "Becky Homecky" I used to be. But now that they are getting older I'm starting to get that back. A few of my kitchen cabinets look like Martha Sterwart was here.

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