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Well me and my wife are getting a divorce and she is 22 I am 32. I meet her when she was young and her mother lied about her age at the time. She was 13 years old. When I found out how old she was it was to late she was pregnant at the age of 14 and had my son at the age of 15. I took control of the situation and took care of my responsibles. We get married and I buy a house for the family and I have a good job and work nights. She started going out to the clubs and leaving the kids wherever to go party and the would stay their for 2-3 str8 because she wanted to go party and cheat on me. Wound you call that a unfit mother?


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Brenda - posted on 10/11/2015




You were having sex with a 13 year old girl when you were 23 and her mother didn't have an issue with this and even lied about her age to enable this. Please tell me I read this wrong. Your wife is the product of an abused child, if what you are saying is true. I hope she reads this and takes herself and her children as far away from you and her disgusting mother as possible. As far as I am aware having sex with a minor doesn't entitled you to marry them. It entitles you to go to prison along with the enabler mother. I am horrified by what I have just read.

Michelle - posted on 10/10/2015




Are the children neglected or abused? If not, then no, she isn't an unfit Mother. If the children are being looked after when she goes out then it's fine. I don't condone her actions but you need to be careful with accusing her of being unfit, that's a serious accusation.

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