Divorce due to husband who does nothing?

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I have read a thread about husbands doing nothing and mine falls into that category. If it wasn't for his paycheck that we need, I would leave him. As it is though I work full time, take care of our 3 kids, clean up, and of course run the kids to karate, etc. has anyone else thought about or actually left their husband because of this?


Jodi - posted on 03/09/2015




I think if you are thinking of leaving solely for these reasons, there are other cracks in the marriage - more going on that just this. However, yes, this was the straw that broke my first marriage. I was working full time in a very high pressure job. I would often leave for work before my ex, and get home after him. I did all the running around for our son. I did all the work around the house. Then, when I tried to address it with him, he made it very clear "You are the woman, it's your job to care for kids, cook and keep the house". Right there an then, it was over. He had no real concept that if we wanted to discuss tradition, it was actually HIS job to financially support the family but we couldn't have lived off his income if we tried and he had no interest in changing that either. He had no interest in trying to resolve the issue. I suggested marriage counselling, he totally rejected it. I told him I wasn't happy, he told me he was, so therefore there's nothing to discuss.
...........Marriage over.

I'm not suggesting this is the way you should go. I am saying, however, that there are probably other issues in the marriage and this is the straw that may totally break it if you don't try to mend things. Maybe some marriage counselling would help if he is open to it. It takes two in order for a marriage to work, and if he isn't prepared to put some work into your marriage being a true partnership, then it is unlikely that you will be happy.

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