Do any of you have 4 or more kids? I am expecting my 4th and I'm feeling suddenly

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Hi everyone, do any of you have 4 children or more? I have a 6 yr old daughter, a 3 yr old son, a 2 yr old son, and we are expecting a baby boy in the beginning of July. Do any of you have advice for a soon to be mother of 4?
We are so excited about this baby and so are the kids yet I still feel a little nervous inside as we get closer to our due date. Our family is growing and the comfortable routine I have been living is going to I want to take care of the baby, not leave any of my children out, keep the house clean to some extent, and still find time for my husband ( he works two jobs so I can stay home) and myself. Is that even possible? Right now it seems like a pretty tall order. What are you doing or have done to keep it together? lol Any advice would be so appreciated. :o)


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I do not have 4, only 3. But two of my SIL's have 4 and 7 children. They both say that after three kids then it is all a breeze because the oldest will start to help in ways you can't imagine. I know that my 4 yo is great with diaper duties and getting sippy cups for his little brother. You can do it:)!

Jennifer - posted on 05/12/2011




I have 4 kids. Their ages are 7,6,3, and 7mo. Someone once told me that if you can handle 3 kids, you can handle any amount, and she was right. Sure, having a baby no matter which # it is interrupts the routine to some extent, but now you are better equipt to handling it. You've been there, done that, and know what to expect. With my 4th, because of my previous experience, and the gained confidence that comes with all that experience, I've been able to be much more laid back. I don't stress the small stuff anymore. In all reality, my house is cleaner, my older kids have more time with me, my husband has more time with me, and I have more time to myself than what I did with my 3rd. One thing that has really helped me is to assign chores to my older kids instead of trying to do it all myself. My oldest (was 6 when the baby was born) is responsible for taking the trash out to the curb on trash days and bringing the empty cans back after school. He puts his own clothes away. Makes his own bed. Feeds the outside cat, and cleans out the litter box. My 6 year old (just turned 6 2 weeks ago) is responsible for feeding the inside cats, making her bed, and putting away her clothes and the other 2 kids' clothes. My 3 year old (turned 3 in Feb) makes his own bed and helps me with small stuff during the day. We give them each a dollar everyweek, for chores, and that also helps to teach them about earning/spending money.

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I am also expecting my fourth in december my girls ages are a 3year old n twin 2 year olds soo im nervous aswell so after u hav ur bub u will hav to give me all the details on how u 'managed' ur life goodluck with ur family n thanx for sharing :)

Patricia - posted on 05/11/2011




Hi Annie, Yes I had three children then divorced and married a man with 4 children. My youngest was 9 and his youngest were 3 and 1&1/2. So I really had to start over with diapers and learning new likes and dislikes. Right now you are scared because you have had two years since the last baby was born. Yes everything changes and it is natural to be panicked. One of the best things I can tell you is to have the other children help you get neccessities to make them feel like they are part of the baby's care. They can help with laundry, cleaning off or setting the table. Give lots of praise when they help you and reassure how much you Love them! My oldest loved to be told he was a "big" brother. I cuddled with him as I nursed his brother and I think he was always reassured it was his baby too. At night after bathtime I would nurse his brother and we would read a book together. When they grew up they were buddies at play every day. Start now by making sure they pick up and put away toys and try to keep a regular daily routine =it will be your sanity. After you get on your feet you can do library day to choose different books or movies . Our library has story time which helps get Mom's and their little ones out to socialize . It gives them something to look forward to. My children are all big book readers and I think it has helped their grades in school because they read and learn without realizing they are acheiving a better mind and vocabulary. You can also start a game night= preferable for their age range like Sorry where they count and learn to socialize. Two years ago I bought all the Harry Potter Books for my nephew for Christmas. His Mom said it is awesome to see how he doesn't fight with her at bath and bedtime because they read a chapter before bed every night. It's like another trip into the imagination and it unwinds them to help them sleep and helps you to bond the family together. I hope this helps= remember to enjoy them they grow fast. Pat

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