do any of you have this problem

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since i had my daughter my body has been in alot of pain i had a c section with a spinal back is in bad pain my knees,my toes,my hands,arms,shoulders,hips.i cant move and the mornings are the worse i cant pick up my baby without feeling like husband cant touch me any where with out it hurting i also have been taking 6 200mg of ibprophane in the morning and four at night and sometimes two in the afternoon. i have put off going to the doc thinking it will go away but its just getting worse so i have an appointment in the morning,


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How long is it since you had your little one?after my second my legs,hips toes the whole lot were sore and very weak for a few weeks after i had my child and first thing in the morning i did not have the strength to stretch as i did when i woke up every morning i give a big toes legs etc and i was so weak.

The push down on your hips and all sorts in the section.As the other moms said and i agree go get checked because it could be infection etc so better be safe and the doctor will put your mind at ease.Also many of us moms deal with the pain of having a c-section differently so you could be experience the normal pain that goes with having a c-section but its just that more painful than what i had etc but many probably felt the way you do.All so different with dealing with section pain.Wishing you all the best..hope you are well soon to hold your little one without any pain.

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First stop doctors to check for any infections that may of been introduced to your spine from the epidural. Then if all is clear I am afraid a blod test should be taken to check hormone and throid levels are normal. In the mean time does a deep bath help! Try usng some herbal stuff to relax joints ans see how this helps. I don't know how long ago you had your c-section but if it was less than three months ago all you are discribing is normal but not to the extent of taking pills every day and being in such acute pain. Get down the doctors and get yourself sorted there is no point living in daily pain if you don't have to. Good luck, lets hope the docs has all the answers!

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I was having the same problems only not as severe as what you are saying. I go to a naturopathic Doc she told me that many women have problems with their hormones being off and not evening out on there own after birth. This is usually due to your thyroid being off. She is helping me re-regulate naturally since once you go on Thyroid meds you can't go off of them. Another thing that helped with my lower back, hips and knees was to see a chiropractor, they can check your alignment and see if anything is off. If you go have them check your pubic bone, that was way out of line for me and that really helped with everything. Good luck at the docs tomorrow, hope everything is okay. :)


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Sarah - posted on 04/22/2010




went to the doctor all they did was take labs.went to the er because the pain was worse they got the labs and everything was fine so they dont know what is wrong.i have more doctor app now

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