Do any of you mom's Home school your kids?

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Do any of you mom's home school your kids. If so how did you get Started? What adivce Can you offer for some Who would like to start?

This is someting that my husband and I are seriously concidering and I just want to know how it has worked for you and things like that. thank you for your help.


Tricia - posted on 10/14/2011




We plan on homeschooling our boys and both of us were homeschooled for at least part of our school years. I would say: If there is a home school fair near you I would highly recommend checking it out. It's a great way to see curriculum and listen to some good speakers. There are several publishers that put out a book listing required skills for each grade level. Look for one that is geared specifically toward your state. This is a great resource to help you feel confident that you are on track. Make sure you check with your state for requirements as each state is different. A good resource for this is HSLDA. You can look them up online. Great resource.


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Find a co-op in your area. They will be able to offer teaching support as well as social interactions and field trips for your kids.

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We havent started yet, but we are going to start next yr when my oldest is in kindergarden. We are going to be doing homeschooling online. I have 2 other children and this way I dont have to do the lesson plan. Also its free because its funded by the public school. There are alot of options out there and I would try to go to a homeschooling convention. That way you can look at everything that is out there. They are normally 3 days long and have speakers, and booths to look at homeschooling materials
Good luck!

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