DO U TAke of ya kidz by yaself


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Amber - posted on 03/04/2010




i have 3 and my husband is in the military so he is gone alot of the time during the day. he was gone for almost a year while i was pregnant. it has its ups and downs but is worth it. i would rather know that my kids are loved and respectful than to leave them to the rest of society to be someones paycheck.

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I am married, but I am often on my own with my son. Obviously, my husband works during the day, and is usually home all day Friday Saturday and Sunday, but he often has to make lengthy business trips which can keep him a way for several days at a time. Personally, I don't mind the time alone with my little one, we keep busy, and even when my husband is home, I care for our home and child. It's actually easier when he's away because he's not here to add to the mess! lol, but of course I love it when he comes home.

Natalie - posted on 03/04/2010




I take care of my son during the day mostly by myself. My grandmother lives with us and she will come in the house(her room is in house but seperate from the main part) and watch my son if i have to run outside or run upstairs. Its not hard, it does get a little stressful at times but its all part of being a mother. Me and my husband decided

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