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My oldest is 12 and he did not sleep through the night (waking every 2-3 hours) until he was 3 years old. He did have some food alergies and I was never sure if he was not feeling good or if he was just "spoiled" like everyone said. I found a book on tape (thankfully, because I couldnt read because of lack of sleep) by Ferber, I believe is the last name, on helping your child sleep through the night, this might be helpful, however after going through the process of having him cry it out, which never worked, we found an ulcer in his little tummy at only 2 years old. Not that your daughter has medical issues, but there are a whole lot of parents out there who do not force thier children to mature before they are ready. Natural Parenting allows the child to have a safe environment for as long as they need it. It can include co-sleeping, nursing, swaddling, rocking, among other things that provide a sense of security to the children. Not every child matures at the same speed and for others to put a time table to what is "normal" is not nessesarily the only option. If you google natural parenting you will find sites that may offer options more in line with your parenting style. I have studied alot of parenting styles and in my conclusion I lean toward more natural and attachment styles, which provides complete security, whatever that may look like for each individual child, which in turn allow the children to grow with complete trust, and then they will grow without attachment issues. A major problem in society these days. The cry it out thing was not for me, I am regretful that I listened to what others thought. I know how important your sleep is to be a good mom, but you need to listen to your instincts and not everyone elses opinion. including mine if it does not fit.

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Yes. My daughter sometimes randomly just wakes up in the middle of the nite crying.

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u are not the only mum with a two year old that won't sleep i have two daughters one who is nearly 3 and she has been sleeping through since she was about 4 months old but my almost 2 year old refuses she also wakes up three or four times in the night. i think it is a basic grit your teeth and try to get through it is hard, i've just brought her a musical bear thats plays a lullaby so im hoping that will help relax her, and now trying bed time bath products. i hope you and baby start sleeping soon good luck with all you try.

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I don't agree with the accusatory tone of some of the previous posts. You're not a bad mom. But it IS unusual for an almost two year old to wake up that often. A little waking up and fussing and then maybe rolling back over and going to sleep isn't out of the ordinary, but for the most part, she should be sleeping through the night. And it is true that a bottle isn't good for a child that age. A sippy cup is okay, or a cup with a straw, if she is able to do that now.

I had to wean my son cold turkey off his pacifier when he was about 20 months. The first week or so wasn't easy and he had trouble falling asleep and began to wake up. But we were firm about not giving it to him and we just decided to brave it through our exhaustion while that period lasted...and now he goes to sleep like an angel and sleeps all through the night without a peep. Feeling a need to suck on something - like a bottle or pacifier - may be what prompts her wide awake when she might otherwise roll back over and go to sleep. If you can grit your teeth and steel your emotions against a week or so of some hard times, it will mean better, healthier sleep for all of you in the long run! Good luck!

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Yep I agree. No more bottles. If you want put a sippy cup with WATER only in it and put it by her bed. That way if she gets thirsty during the night she can drink water. Anything but water in the middle of the night is not good for her teeth. She is waking out of habit not out of need. Need to change the habit in order to change the situation.

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Why are you giving your 2yr old a bottle?! Once a child is off of formula there is absolutely NO reason they need to have a bottle- bottles are IMO strickly for formula/breastmilk!

You are the mother- not her. Put your foot down and take away the bottle. Explain to her that she is now a big girl and her bottles are going 'byebye' and she will not be allowed to drink out of them anymore.

As for the waking up at night, you have enabled that bad habit by giving into her. Find a good bedtime routine that works for you and do it EVERY night. Anytime she wakes up, go in tell her its night-night time and give her a kiss/hug and leave, let her cry for a minute or two then go in and just simply lay her back down without saying anything to her, continue doing this until shes back to sleep. It will take a few nights but she will realize that when you say its night night time she needs to go to sleep and stay asleep. Remember YOU are the parent.

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