Do you often feel bad that you are at work and not a stay at home parent?

Julie - posted on 12/01/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I really enjoy going to work everyday but my heart's desire is to work from home so that I can be the mom who bakes cookies and etc. I have regrets not being an at home mother. The economy is makes it hard for me to be at home and not to work. If anyone feels the same way I do please help. I really feel down.


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Jenn - posted on 12/02/2011




I do sometimes but I get upset about the things I miss when I'm not at home. I really like to be able to see and hear all that's going on and when I'm at work, I do have that little green monster inside me knowing that my fiance is seeing it and not me. But in all reality, my work is my "sane" place where I don't have to talk about poop all the time.

Sherri - posted on 12/02/2011




This is a stay at home board so sorry can't relate as I stay at home with my kids and work from home.

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This is a stay at home mom's board, so most of us are at home with our kids. I did feel that way when I was working, and believe it or not, despite my strong desire to be a sahm, it still took 3 tries before I stuck with it. I kept going back to work or trying to work from home. Working from home did NOT work for me. Don't get me wrong, the nanny was wonderful, it's just that I could NOT focus on my work knowing J was just over in the next room. I heard him when he cried, when he laughed--it was actually harder than working in my office away from home.

Eventually, I figured things out and just stopped working all together. It works better for our family this way, but every family is different.

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