Do you really gain weight after you have your tubes tied and if so why?

Sonja - posted on 12/14/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i am thinking about getting my tubes tied and have some questions


Amanda - posted on 12/15/2010




I know 5 women who have had their tubes tied, and they all gained a significant amount within the first yr of getting the procedure done. My mom was one of the 5 people I know who got it done, and she also quit smoking at the same time so maybe that contributed to it as well. But she excercises religiously daily so she's lost quite a bit of weight. I don't know why women gain weight after they get this done, maybe you could ask a dr. But from what I've heard they do. Which is why I'll never tie mine. :)

Candi - posted on 12/14/2010




Everybody is different. I know plenty of women who had their tubes tied and never gained an ounce. As long as you stay active, you will be fine. I guess for many women, they get it done right after giving birth and it might put them in the bed for a few days and they end up keeping the baby weight

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I had my tubes tied in January of this year after we decided we weren't having any more children. I didn't gain any weight at all, but my doctor did warn me that if I had strong period symptoms before having my tubes tied they would get worse after having them tied.
I have noticed a change in the amount of cramping that I have when having my period now, but I've always had really heavy period flow and have not noticed any change in that part of things.
I asked my mom how things were for her when she had hers done and she said that other than a bit more cramping, nothing really changed for her either. I guess it differs from person to person, but I've never heard of having your tubes tied making you gain weight, just the issue with heavier cramping and blood flow.

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Medically speaking I can't think of any reason why that would be. Perhaps women think that because many get their tubes tied right around the time people normally experience a drop in metabolism... around 30 and then again around 40.

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I had my tubes tied in March about 2 hous after giving birth to our 4th. I was put out for the surgery since I hadn't had an epidural. After about an hour of recovery time I was up and walking. I tell this because someone mentioned being in bed for awhile after the surgery. Anyway, I have not gained any weight. I also haven't lost much, but that's because I haven't gotten back into a good exercise routine and haven't been watching what I'm eating as well as I should. My first 2 periods were MUCH heavier, but have gotten closer and closer to normal over the last couple months. I don't see why it would change anything about weight. There is no hormone changes associated with getting tubes tied. I think it's just an excuse or like someone said because of natural hormone changes as you get older.

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If your defiantly dine having children do it I had my tied the same day i had my 3rd c section . I have gaighned wieght but also havnt been excersizing n i cant torally say its because of that but thats y im here looking to see if others had the same issues. Lol i only gainghed 20 pounds w last prego i lost it all rifht away but i didnt have much apitiete but now its back it xould b many reasons thou im blabbling its all n ur head im thinkin i need to excersize n eat better three kids n alwats in the go its so much faster n to grab a hot pocket u know haa BUT im soooo glad i did!!! No worries bout gettin prego

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I had mine done at the same time as my C section for my 3rd child. I have had a much harder time losing weight this time around...... but that could also be due to just being sooooo busy with 3 kids! I rarely have time to do any exercise. But it seems like my stomach is just not going back to shape at all......and I didn't gain that much weight. under 20 lbs. In my case, I think it is the combination of a 3rd C Section AND the tubal.
One thing I have definitely noticed though, and this didn't exist before. Horrible cramps and VERY heavy periods. I mean Heavy. Like about to pass out heavy. Just get in the shower because a tampon And a maxi pad are just no match. I will be making a DR. appt. in the new year about this. The pain is so bad I have to medicate myself into oblivion. and somehow still try to watch my kids. I have talked to others who have had a tubal and this is the only symptom a lot of us share.
But so far......I am not pregnant again, and that's what really counts!

Sonja - posted on 12/14/2010




Thank you, I wouldn't think u would, but some people that I know have and they blame it on that.

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