Do you think it ok for a man/boy to defend them self???!!

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My son is 7 years old. Here is my question for you, I would like your opinions, especially for those of you who are mothers of boys. I don’t believe in a man beating on a woman, but I do believe in a man defending himself. Let me explain…When I was younger I have memories of my mother just beating on my father and he would just take it, trying to get her to calm down, and yet she wouldn’t. I mean it got bad, at times she would throw stuff at him!
This is my belief today…a man Is much stronger then a woman by all means so I don’t think he should beat her, but I feel that if he gives her a warning to quit putting her hands on him and he tries to walk away, then he has the right to defend himself…I also say this because I teach my son not to hit girls, I teach him to give them a warning to leave him alone and try his best to walk away….and if he cant defend himself…Like any mother I don’t want anyone picking on my child boy or girl….Like I said before a man/boy is stronger by far then a woman/girl and therefore a man would only have to give one good hit. If I had a girl I would let her know that if a man gives you a warning to leave him alone then do so……no one has the ok to lay hands on you….ever. what is your take on that???!!!


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This is a very good point/question...
I agree with you, a 'guy' has the right to defend himself, however, because of the 'guy stronger than gurl' situation(although, I know some pretty strong girls and weak a** boys), it's up to us as parents of boys to teach our sons a 'safe' way of defence(non-violent), because no matter what our belief is, 'the law' will see it differently.
We taught our son to give a warning, walk away, and if that's not possible, to defend himself by blocking hits and holding the opponent to subdue them...And I say opponent, because the rules apply for both boy and girl.
And at the same time, we also taught our daughter the same...
NO ONE has the right to abuse another...


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Gemma - posted on 08/20/2010




i dont think it matters whether your child is a boy or a girl, everyone should have the right to defend themselves, my daughter will start nusery next week and she knows that if someone hits her and she tells them to stop and they dont, she needs to find an adult, she has also been told that if they dont stop then she is to sit on the bully and shout at the top of her voice until someone comes along. its not ok for anyone to hit, regardless of who they are hitting!

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i agree. i don't have a son but if i did, i would teach him that no it's not ok to hit a girl but if she is always hitting him then yes he has a right to take up for himself.

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I'm raising a boy and he's turning 5 soon... he's very well mannered and sometimes there are "bullies" at the playground that don't "take turns" or try to impose their rules... It's hard because I don't want him to become a bully himself and certainly don't want him to start a fight, but I do want him to be able to stand his ground and defend himself if needed. I plan on enrolling him in some form of self-defense class or martial art like JiuJitsu. For now, I tell him to be bold about what is right and if someone pushes you, you tell them to stop and if they continue, then by all means defend yourself.... (then come tell me so I can address it with the other mother/father.)

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I agree they should defend themselves but it's different from a MAN to a little boy at the playground LMAO! But if a woman/girl keeps beating and decking him and doesn't quit i'd say to hold her ass down and let her know he is not the one to mess with!

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